It’s Baby Season! Tips to Respect Wildlife.

    Spring and early summer in our National Parks means the babies are out, as are the predators. But, it’s one of my favorite times to view wildlife and just be in the Parks in general. There’s a good chance you may still run into snow, but also a great chance you won’t run into quite […]

    Celebrating World Animal Day

      Sometimes I feel like we can’t get away from some population of animals around here….even if we wanted to. Elk and bison and ground squirrels and snakes and bears and big horn sheep….oh my! But, while we easily take it for granted, I know where we live is incredibly unique in our country and even […]

      World Animal Day and the Dawn Wildlife Program

          We just happen to be surrounded by wildlife around here – sometimes more than I would like to be. Elk and bison are a daily part of our life. Bear, wolves, coyotes and other small animals make their homes nearby. We literally can’t “Get away from it all”. However, while my kids can make […]

        Wintering Birds and Children *Guest Post*

          I am so not a bird person, though I absolutely think they are a great thing to know and learn about (I’ll get around to it someday). ¬†However, Ernie is, and we happily welcome him back for a guest post about how birds can help get kids out and interested in the winter weather! Helping […]