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Our shed (which we are so thankful to have) is full of strollers. We have been living, breathing, running, walking, chasing and stepping around strollers for the last six months. What started out as an opportunity to put a couple of joggers through the wringer has turned into a full-blown project with no real end in sight as new models come available. I’m finally admitting that this blog is my “job” – and it’s pretty cool because job description is testing out and finding the best gear for families to get outside with. We take it very seriously.

Let me be upfront with you right away – I don’t think you NEED to have the best of everything to get your family outside. For most of us, that is nearly impossible. I just think you need the RIGHT gear for what YOUR family needs. It’s a personal preference based on availability of hand-me-downs, funds, time, experience, and comfort levels. What works for us may not necessarily work for someone else. Our opinions are personal (though offset with the opinions of others we know and trust) and are exactly what we tell our family and friends. While admittedly my time is limited (being a good wife, mom, homeschool teacher and “professional blogger” is surprisingly taxing), I am happy to answer any questions we can. And we always welcome the insight and experience of others. My dream is that this site, this “place” is a community where people can come and find companionship, inspiration and opinions, not only from us, but from everyone else who stumbles upon it. That’s slowly yet surely becoming a reality.

So, in the past few months we have really jumped deep into single jogging strollers. Our goal was to test and find out what each model excelled at and what needed improvement. Most companies (if they are good) are open to feedback and ideas on how to make their products better.  It’s the reason why new models come out as the years pass by – they figure out what is working and what is not.

Below I am linking to each review of each stroller we tested, plus a quick snippet of what (and who) we think they work best for.  Finally, we’re handing out a couple of awards AND giving our favorite stroller away. This has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to pull it all together for you.

I must preface this by saying that there isn’t a lemon in this bunch. While we did hand out two awards, we could have easily given one for each stroller. It was NOT an easy task to compare them because they really do all have notable strengths and weaknesses. There is not one of them that I wouldn’t recommend, depending on what your family’s needs are.

We published a full table on our “Stroll-On” hosting page so you can really see the differences between the strollers. Please be sure to check that out.


2014 Single Jogging Stroller Line-up

Joovy Zoom 360

An awesome choice for economic-minded runners. We were pleasantly surprised on how great of a ride is has (given the drastically lower price tag than any of the other models) – it’s one you can go some distances pushing, even on less-than-ideal terrain. The comfort of the child is compromised a bit to get the price down, but if you are a fair-weather jogger and can prop the child with rolled up blankets, etc. this one is great. Plus, it has a high weight capacity and tall seat to accommodate the big kids.


Mountain Buggy Terrain

While this stroller is heavier than the rest of them, it’s just got a great FEEL to it. It pushes well, rides well, has great pockets for storage and is just incredibly user-friendly. Not the best option for really big kids (aged 5+, but lays flat for infant use). It also has the ability to be converted into a bunch of different configurations  bassinet-style or rear-facing seat) by adding accessories using Mountain Buggy accessories. We like the flexibility and those options!


BOB Revolution SE

When people say “jogging stroller”, this is the brand that comes to mind. I would venture to bet it is the most popular and widely known model out there. And it’s for good reason. It’s a great runner, holds a bigger kid, has an incredible sun roof and works seamlessly with the Britax B-SAFE infant car seats. The downside? It’s heavy and bulky – not something you want to throw in your car on a regular basis. If you are running on non-paved roads primarily, the BOBs excel.


Thule Chariot CX

The Chariot really is the one thing that is not like the others in this line-up. It has the capacity to be used as a bike trailer and a ski trailer. However, we included it because it really is an excellent runner. With a hand disc brake, it stops on a dime, as a ton of storage and has the option to be used with an infant sling. This is the stroller we put our kids in at only a couple weeks old because we can. The infant sling is that good.



While it isn’t the best jogger in the group (meaning you wouldn’t want to be pushing it for any serious miles), it is my go-to stroller for everyday use. It’s incredibly lightweight, folds down for naps, protects the child in a “bassinet-feel”, is comfortable for the child, adjusts well for the pusher and is easy to maneuver. And I like that it just seems to take less room up in our already crowded garage.  Again, not for putting serious miles on, but you could comfortably jog with it for a few.


EDITOR’S CHOICE: Thule Urban Glide *Giveaway below!* It received the Editors’ Choice for the following main reasons:

  • Very lightweight, especially in relation to the impressive stability
  • One handed fold
  • Easy adjustments between riders and pushers
  • Just awesome to push, even for long distances
  • Affordable pricing

We hope in the future to see it in a double. Since it is brand new in the line-up there are a couple small pieces we hope to see improved, but in general, we are infinitely impressed.



Win a Thule Urban Glide!

This is a HUGE giveaway for us – we’re pretty psyched to get someone else running with one 🙂

As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  This giveaway is open to the U.S and Canada!

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8 thoughts on “Choosing a Jogging Stroller + Giveaway”

  1. Love your reviews- thanks! We have been loving our chariot chinook, especially with the new babe. We chose this stroller because we had a garage so full of strollers and bike trailers that we decided to condense and to get one multitasker. With your advice, we were sold! After 6 children so far, we have been thru too many already ourselves. FWIW, our biggest likes always come back to ease of maneuverability, ease of breakdown/setup, fitting thru doors (a struggle with some doubles), not taking up too much room in the trunk, and lightweight. The chinook hits all these points, except the lightweight factor ;-). It is a beast, but it does fit in the back of our minivan! I’ll try to send pics soon. Know this post is not on the chinook, but it reminded me you asked for feedback a while back. Ironically, we have taken lots of videos with it but not many stills, so I’ll try to get on that this week.

  2. Thule Urban Glide – because it is so lightweight and its a one hand fold. After this pregnancy I’m ready to get back to pre-preg weight

  3. Hi Amelia,

    Great write-up. We’ve been looking to carry a jogger for the store, and I was leaning towards the BOB because that’s what we used for our kids. That said, with your high review of the Thule, I’m going to look into this brand now. I don’t think this was an available brand when our children were young. You all look great. Hope the fall is treating you well.

    Love you,

    1. Hi Brooke 🙂
      Totally nothing wrong with the BOB at all, but I think you will LOVE the Thule for running especially. Come visit and I’ll show you first-hand! 🙂 And no, it’s only been out less than a year now – Thule’s definitely expanding their “active with kids” line and I haven’t been disappointed yet! 🙂

  4. I’ve been looking at the Bumbleride Indie for a really long time as it seems like it’s really great and in the middle price range of the other strollers. I’ve never heard of the Thule brand before – thanks so much for the giveaway and review as I’ll definitely look into it now!

  5. Does the Bumbleride Indie or the Thule Urban Glide fold up smaller? We would mainly use it for neighborhood walks so it would stay in the garage but would love to take it to the zoo or other trail jogs/walks. We have space only behind the third row in our SUV. second to 3 car seats 😉

    1. Good question! They are pretty similar, but I would say the Thule folds up a little flatter…just longer. But if you take the wheels off, it’s even more streamlined. You could get both in, however, that space!

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