Floating the Yellowstone

Floating the Yellowstone with Kids

Sometimes it’s just too hot to go hiking or biking or anything not involving water. And our family happens to be a pile of heat wimps – it hits 90+ and we become mush (there’s a really good reason we don’t live in other parts of the country…)


While we are working on getting the right amount of boats (to add to our “gear fleet”), we managed an awesome family float from Carbella to Point of Rocks (on the Yellowstone River, outside of Gardiner, MT).


Floating the Yellowstone with Kids


The boys purchased these great 6′ Lifetime Kayaks with their own money earlier this summer. They have been the perfect toy for gaining independence on the water, challenging them and having fun on their own. Plus they’re easy to steer, haul and store. We highly recommend them.


We love the LuckyBums Inflatable SUP, which is what Mtn Papa rode on.


Floating the Yellowstone with Kids


L and I rocked a tube. Not ideal, but it worked on calm water. This is a stretch of river that tons of people tube down since it is flat and manageable.


We packed all the snacks (which, as always, I was so glad to have) and water in our Outdoor Products 50 L Rafter Weather Defense Duffle, along with a diaper change just in case. That was easy to attach to the SUP. More about our thoughts on the duffel at the bottom of this post.


And we floated. And practiced some little rapids. And dealt with a Baby/Toddler who wasn’t so sure. And talked about how we definitely need to get a boat. And were so happy to be in the water.


Floating the Yellowstone with Kids


Outdoor Products 50 L Rafter Weather Defense Duffle $85

A great duffle for families or for longer river trips. It has a large capacity (50 L, as the name implies) to be able to actively haul a bunch of gear all in one spot. For this trip we had a change of clothes for everyone, 3 large water bottles and a boatload of snacks (as always) and it barely touched the capacity. I love that it rolls down so you can easily NOT use that full amount of space and not feel loaded down by a bag that is too large.

  • Plenty of space
  • 100% water proof
  • pliable and light
  • handles for easy carrying
  • Quality construction


GoPro photos taken with some help from The Pole <– favorite accessory!

This spring Mtn Papa got me a GoPro, which has been so much fun as far as taking photos out adventuring. I must stay I still have serious reservations as far as buying into the “selfie stick” revolution, but it’s fun to get some different angles that I never would have been able to with a regular camera.

My photos have been boosted immensely by the help of The Pole. Based out of Canada, the company specialized in mounts for GoPros specifically. The “regular” model of The Pole is the one I have and it retails for $39.99 CAD. I love that it is super lightweight, retracts to only 9″ and extends to 28″ with a twist of the handle. It’s super durable, very affordable and light enough to keep attached to my GoPro all the time.

Floating the Yellowstone with Kids

Floating the Yellowstone with Kids Floating the Yellowstone with Kids


Outdoor Products &  The Pole generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own. A few of these  links are affiliates.  Thank you so much for clicking through them to make your purchases – it helps offset the cost of this blog in a (VERY VERY) small way! You can find my full disclosure here.  


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