Haiku Bags Brand Spotlight + Travel Set Review

Haiku Bags Brand Spotlight + Travel Set Review

Haiku Bags Brand Spotlight + Travel Set Review

Right now we are on the road. The hardest part about that is usually just keeping all our STUFF from exploding everywhere we go (the car, Grandma’s house, the tent, etc.)  My system still isn’t perfect (just ask my husband), but having bags and a place for everything to correctly “land” does help.

For this trip, I have three different bags from Haiku with me. I’ve been using them for a while now, but this trip was my real last “test” before I shared them with you. You’ll notice that they are one of our blog sponsors (because I personally LOVE their bags.) Just a hint – you’ll see a great giveaway from them pop up in just a couple of weeks….

Based in Seattle, Washington, Haiku Bags are fashionable, but even more importantly very high quality bags that help women keep on living and adventuring without worrying about what they are carrying. I’ve been increasingly impressed on what they can handle as I push them to their limits as far as weight and use.

“Haiku creates meaningful solutions for everyday needs, with bags that bridge style and function. We celebrate individual expression inspired by the beauty and balance of natural landscapes and inner self. We believe in sharing voices and daring to live boldly.”

Since we are traveling, I wanted to just quickly highlight their Travel Set. It’s a 3 part system that is just helping ME be a bit more organized. A cinched bag to keep shoes or other items you want to keep protected from the rest of your contents; a luggage tag (or a “mom tag” in my case) and a clear zipped bag for cosmetics or essentials. I’ve been using it in conjunction with my Journey Tote this trip and think they make a great pair. All the parts of the set keep my stuff a little easier to find as we travel.

Haiku Bags Brand Spotlight + Travel Set Review Haiku Bags Brand Spotlight + Travel Set Review

The set isn’t just for travel either – the bags together can be used for everyday items easily. And they wipe clean easily – a big perk for me!

Right now Haiku is having a sale on their site – spend $150 and get the Travel Set free. Expires 11/27.


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