Hey Dads! Your Kids Are Watching!

Hey Dads! Your Kids Are Watching!

While Father’s Day is officially celebrated on just one Sunday, I like to really focus the entire week on celebrating all that dads are for their kids. It’s pretty huge. And honestly, our Father’s Day sort of had a lot kids whining AT their father (the most annoying sound in the world, right?!?!), so they/we always appreciate some do-overs.

Hey Dads! Your Kids Are Watching!

Over the weekend, as my husband exhibited an immense amount of strength and self control (you know, not to leave said whiney kids on the side of the road) and positive encouragement to an otherwise very tired family, I was struck by a few thoughts:

  1. Truly, dads have an incredible opportunity and, really, obligation to their families. It’s not for the faint of heart. My husband gets particular bonus points lately for dealing with a cranky pregnant wife AND whiney kids. I have loved watching him grow in virtue and strength over the years – he’s 10 times the man he was when I married him. And I am sure he’s not the only one….
  2. While kids are watching both parents, obviously (and, sometimes unfortunately, everyone else around them), they seem to have a particular focus on their dads (or father figure). They’re looking for encouragement, affirmation, a little challenge and a lot of love.
  3. I NEED my husband to help get us all out. While I can do it solo, we are so much more successful as an entire family. I can be incredibly stubborn, so that’s a somewhat humbling admission for me to make. But, there’s strength for the KIDS when the getting out is a team effort, often led by dad.
  4. Penguin Dads. Yep, I know they aren’t even close to around here, but their dad qualities are truly amazing. They hang out with their eggs for two months in the freezing temperatures….without feeding. Now that’s dedication. Like our human dads, they know the importance and balance of dealing with fragile kids, the discomfort that comes with that job, and the why behind such a crucial and honorable undertaking. Hey Dads! Your Kids Are Watching!
  5. Every dad isn’t perfect, or even one to look up to. Sadly, it’s true. The good news is that it’s not just flesh and blood that makes a great dad or dad figure. Even camp counselors, grandpas, neighbors and friends play a part in this village it takes to raise our kids.
  6. On that note, dads don’t HAVE to be perfect. I have seen some of the best lessons learned come from my kids watching the mistakes of their dad (and how he handles it). Life is messy. If we pretend it is not, we are doing a great disservice to our kids.
  7. Mom may be strong and stubborn and willing to get out there with her kids, but as they grow older, boys especially need to be challenged by their dads. I see this happening already with my own boys. It’s a role no mom can take.

What else have you noticed? Let’s brag on dads (and all those father figures too!)

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hey dads, your kids are watching

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