I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

I want my kids to feel strong. To be strong.

I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

As an adult (albeit pregnant, which changes things), I often watch them run and flip and jump and climb and wonder how they just keep on keeping on. I know it’s so cliché, but really and truly I watch their bodies move in such awe.

To them, it’s normal. It’s what kids do. They’re made to move and they find great joy in accomplishing the little challenges of monkey bars or higher mountains to climb or steeper hills to bike.

I want to keep that active lifestyle the normalcy.

I want them to watch us (their parents) find power in our own bodies too and naturally copy that.

I want them to strive to do what we do as they get older and more able.

I want strong and motivated to be their daily life.


Unfortunately, our society does not.


The “normal” is kids sitting in school all day, minimal recesses, hours of screen time and a rise in obesity.

It’s highly processed foods with minimal nutritional value, snacks that come in packages instead of off of trees, and sweet treats for a job well done (on a daily basis).


*CRINGE* with me.


It’s hard to climb trees when your body doesn’t respond the way want it to.

It’s hard to hike mountains when you’re used to sitting on a couch.

It’s hard to say “no” when you’re offered processed sugar from all directions (even if you ARE old enough and know your body well enough to realize how it truly makes you feel).

It’s hard to keep up when you’re packing around some extra weight, especially as a kid trying to find your way in this crazy world.


I should know. I struggled with it as a child. I always wished I could do things I couldn’t seem to find the movement for.

But, I worked hard to find my own strength in what I loved (swimming and hiking and playing and being outside) as I neared my teenage years.

It’s what has inspired me to continue a lifestyle of health. For my sanity, my peace, myself, my husband and my children.

It’s part of the reason I write this blog.


As a parent, for now all I can do is be an example and create opportunities for problem solving and exploring what their bodies can do.

I can feed their plates with healthy choices and educate them on the facts about what healthy food helps them do.

I can make “treats” truly treats (a seldom occurrence, if you will!)

I can offer them an abundance of opportunities to find what they love, what they love to feel their body do.

And I can be open to the fact that not every kid is the same, and we all have our own personal challenges.

I Want My Kids to Feel Strong

Life is meant to be lived – powerfully and joyfully!



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  1. This article is perfect. I watch my six year old and am completely in awe of her little body and how well she knows what it can do. She trusts her body to get her from A to B safely, even when A and B are two boulders with a big gap in between! Because she knows her body, the fear largely disappears. I love her confidence and passion and I can see it being channelled when she does have to sit in a classroom and learn. I also love that she knows the definition of “treat”!

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