Indoor Playtime, Outdoor & Valentine-Inspired

 Indoor Playtime, Outdoor & Valentine-Inspired

While the ominous winter storm Pax plagues much of the country today, I’d like to share a list of ideas for indoor fun. We all need an opportunity to shake-the-sillies-out, and it sure seems as though on those days when the weather keeps us indoors – we need to shake extra hard to get the sillies out! I love sending the kids off for their own play and listen to hear what they come up with on their own, but breaking up the day with an activity, or several, really helps the day succeed at our house!

  • Designate a “lap” – around the couches, the island in your kitchen, or somewhere else where the kids can safely run laps. Run with them or add a few obstacles to the course! Try speed walking for some laughs!
  • Build forts. Role play – maybe you (or an older kid) are the big bad wolf and you’ll huff, and puff, and bloooooow their house down.
  • Make some Dye-Free Playdough! Send a kid outside to collect a few leaves, rocks, sticks, ferns, etc. for making prints.
  • Using your playdough and whatever craft supplies you have at home, make some love bugs valentines! This idea is very cute and combines creativity and sensory fun.
  • Make an easy bird feeder – and here’s another! Make them heart-shaped and deliver one to a friend or loved-one.
  • Acts of Kindness – in time for sharing some love on Valentine’s Day, encourage your children to pick a few toys they can part with to share with those who are less fortunate. When the child can decide, it makes his/her gift a genuine one! Don’t forget to make the trip to donate (click here for a few suggestions for toy donation locations).
  • Print a free Valentine coloring page!
  • Bring some cheer around the home with some simple Valentine decorations, this heart garland and heart mosaic were winners around our home. (They’re also great for practicing fine-motor skills.) Share some of your work with neighbors or friends! 

    Indoor Playtime, Outdoor & Valentine-InspiredAvila is the “librarian” for story time 🙂


  • Play library. Play camping! Combine them! Enjoy story time in a fort or a tent inside.
  • Pull out the couch cushions and let them have at it!! Build a throne, or a cave, or a slide.
  • Lastly, check out this great list of 100+ boredom busting rainy day play ideas from The Imagination Tree!


What indoor playtime-activities are your kids enjoying this week!? Please do share!


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  1. We’ll be enjoying some family exercise while we’re stuck indoors-i.e P90X workout videos. They keep Lucy (2.5yrs) entertained/active!, and Sebastian (8 months) laughs at everything Lucy does… so it’s a pretty great set up for everyone involved 🙂 Thanks for the other great ideas, I love the Valentine’s Day decor you guys made!

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