Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant

Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant

Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM EnfantWhen we found out we were having a winter baby, I realized that I needed to look into some gear to keep her warm.  Our boys were born in the spring/early summer so we didn’t deal with many cold temperatures when they were really young.  I knew that getting outside from the very beginning with a newborn was imperative to my sanity, healing and health (and therefore the well-being of the rest of my family too.)

Through my searches, I kept coming back to the gear from 7 AM Enfant.  While the trendiness (urban style) of the pieces wasn’t something super important to me (though they are super cute), I loved how they were focussed on keeping not only baby warm, but also older kids AND parents.  They agreed to send me a Le Sac Igloo to try out for L.  I also managed to “score” some other pieces of theirs from a local shop at a great price.


Le Sac Igloo $115

The Le Sac Igloo is available in three different sizes (we have the medium one) and fits in any car seat or stroller, adapting for a 5 point harness.  The loft is high for extra warmth and is lined completely in cotton.  It also has a removable fleece on the top inside of the sac for extra warmth in the winter months, and more versatility as the weather warms up.  The hood (with a removable fur cuff) can either provide extra protection for baby or zips open to lay flat in the car seat.  The sac can also be taken apart completely and the top part can be used as a blanket (it slips over the car seat or stroller and stays in place thanks to the elasticized pouch).

Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant
Le Sac Igloo in the Chariot Cougar 2

What we loved:

  • Superior warmth to any other car seat cover or sac we have tried.
  • When zipped closed, the hood provides sun AND wind/precipitation protection from Baby
  • Super easy to install and move from car seat to stroller (though I wouldn’t be opposed to having more than one…)
  • The fleece interior section can be taken out and washed (which is the part that gets most gooped up by baby spit and slobber.)
  • A small pocket on the front of the le sac igloo holds pacifiers or small items for Baby or you (car keys, etc.)

What we weren’t so crazy about:

  •  We have the medium size, but it is borderline too long for the infant car seat.  I think I would prefer to have a small size to fit into the infant car seat and then a larger size for when Baby is too big for the infant car seat, but is still using it in the stroller.  Better yet, it would be great if the bag would zip open to add length as the child grew (much like the Deuter Starlight sleeping bag.)
  • I could do without the “fur” as far as looks, BUT it does provide extra warmth for Baby when the hood is zipped.
  • It’s spendy at $115 – more than most kids’ sleeping bags.

Bottom line:  It’s a great product for keeping kiddos warm so that you can get out.  We plan on trying it out as a baby sleeping bag for camping too….will update our review when we do!

Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant
In the Chariot with Brother


Other 7 AM Enfant Products we have used and recommend:

  • Doudoune $95:  We pair this with our Le Sac Igloo when it is really cold out.  Super warm with a fleece lined-hood.  It can be used as a bunting or snap into legs for wearing in a car seat or stroller.

    Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant
  • Classic Mittens 500 $18:  In sizes from newborn babies through age 6.  Simple, but water repellent and easy on (with an included don’t-lose-your-mittens strap.)
  • Our friends at The Adventures in Parenthood Project reviewed the Blanket 212Evolution and Pookie Poncho


We want to know – what did/do you use to keep your young babies warm in the cold of winter?


7 AM Enfant generously provided us this gear in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own. You can find my full disclosure here.

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6 thoughts on “Keep Baby Warm with 7 AM Enfant”

  1. Would it be okay the igloo sac 7 a.m. medium size for my newborn or should I buy a small?
    Cause i’m worried he grows fast and don’t have enough space in the small one… We live in Canada, so winter is from december to april and our baby is due 1st of december…

  2. Hi there! I’m looking at buying the Enfant Doudoune and was wondering if you’ve had any experience with wearing your baby in a carrier and if it’s problematic that this specific gear doesn’t have legs, but instead clips for where the legs are.


    1. I have used it…and it works, but the only problem is that the legs are a bit short to span a carrier. Better to get one with longer, more pronounced legs (or at least that option!)

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