Kids Moving Miles – A FREE challenge for Kids

Kids Moving Miles - A FREE challenge for Kids Starting NEXT WEEK!

We are so excited for our First Annual FREE Kids Moving Miles Mini Challenge!

It’s no secret that many kids just aren’t moving enough anymore. Between the lure of screens to a fear of letting them roam more freely, kids are spending more time indoors and less time outdoors moving. While finding a solution is huge and involves a widespread commitment from our society in general, we are doing our part this year to start helping where it matters most – at home!

The “Kids Moving Miles!” challenge is a spur off our wildly successful 365 Mile Challenge, running throughout 2018. It’s a response to parents, but most importantly, KIDS who want in too. And since our larger goal is “families outside and healthy”, we couldn’t ignore that plea AND wanted to reach as many kids as possible.

What it is:

  • A mini challenge just for KIDS to go a self-powered mile a day for a week
  • A kick-off to summer (and hopefully a boost to get out and moving!)
  • Daily emails delivered to families (and then passed on to kids) for encouragement and ideas on how and where to get moving!
  • Giveaways just for kids – all signed up kids/families are eligible!
  • A FREE digital magazine offered to all participants (this will be sent the first day!)


June 18 – 24

How to Join Us:

Want some encouragement for your kids?

What your kids could win:

  • Merrell Moab Shoes (7 winners)
  • Kids RxBars (5 winners)
  • VTech Smartwatch DX2 (3 winners)
  • VTech Action Cam 180 (3 winners)
  • WOOM Bike (1 winner)

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2 thoughts on “Kids Moving Miles – A FREE challenge for Kids”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if there was a way to sign up multiple kids under the same email address? What a great challenge. For us, it’s coming in our forth well of break. It will be good to get motivated.

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      So sign up your family and then at the end there will be a finisher form that you can fill out for each of your kids! Hope that helps!


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