A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Psssttttt – Valentine’s Day and all that lovey dovey stuff is NOT just for couples, you know. It’s NOT “Singles Awareness Day” or an excuse to wallow in self-misery. Really, it’s not.

I challenge you to show someone you love them EVERY day, but particularly in February. Because it’s a little dark and dreary and cold and everyone needs a bit of a pep-up!

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to do something for yourself too. I know personally the BEST thing I can do for me is get outside and move. Even on those days when I really, really don’t want to.

The following is a list of gear I have been compiling for the past few months. Maybe you want to get a little something, something for yourself (or drop some hints….)

And have hope – the days are getting a bit longer and warmer and spring is just around the corner (right?!?)

A few of these links below are affiliates – thanks so much for clicking through them to purchase. Doesn’t cost you a dime and helps us out just a tiny bit!

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!


Sierra Designs All Seasons Soft Shell

I have always had a bit of a “thing” for jackets….but this one has stolen my heart this year. It’s super soft and supple, has a bit of a stretch, has a soft brushed interior and works for all but the most extreme conditions.

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Sage and Snow Fleece Mini Skirt **SEE GIVEAWAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!**

Sage and Snow is a local company I just discovered and am SOOOO excited to share with you. Darcy, the one-woman-show, makes these incredible fleece skirts that are perfect for having to keep everything just a bit warmer this time of the year. I sized up (as she suggested) because I wanted a little more than a tight-fitting mini and am thrilled with it. Only thing I would change? A pocket to be able to slip my phone in. Otherwise, they’re super cute, you get to choose your fleece (she’s swimming in beautiful fabric), and her turn-around time is super quick.

Note: Sage and Snow is actually primarily a maker of kids’ clothing, which is AMAZING by the way. But, these fleece skirts are on SALE right now – find them on her Facebook page here (and please do let her know we sent you!)

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Baffin Bobcat All-Season Shoes

These truly are all-season (except for the warmest of days when you don’t want to wear shoes anyway!) Baffin always has great traction and I love being able to slip them on super easily! I’ve been surprised to have warm feet in cold weather (below 15 degrees F).

Skhoop Greta Skirt

Insulated skirts are my winter weakness. Because I just get plain sick and tired of wearing snow pants. The Greta has a 60g synthetic insulation AND features Windstopper fabric. My favorite part? The sides are stretchy for ease of movement. They also have zippers for easy on/off and the ability to zip up for greater mobility. Buy here at REI (aff link).

I also own their original down (long) skirt and wear it nearly every day.

I always recommend sizing up in Skhoop just because the fabric has no stretch (with the exception of the Greta).

On sale right now at REI!

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Stonewear Supernova Tights

For all the winter skirt-wearing, these fleece-brushed ones are awesome! They are great for winter running or hiking…or just walking and exploring and wearing with skirts. I sort of wear them every day right now……

Muck Arctic Weekend Boots

Call me lazy, but I love just throwing on a pair of boots on my way out the door without dealing with laces, etc. I have had the best luck with Muck boots and keeping warm in neoprene and they are really great for those cold wet days. Only complaint? They’re not awesome as far as traction on ice and snow…..but other Muck boots ARE, these ones are more for wet than ice! Find them on Amazon here (aff link).

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo

This winter when we were doing a bunch of cabin stays, I kept grabbing for my Frontcountry Duo. To be honest, it was mostly for myself and the babe this round, but it’s perfect for comfortable sleeping bag sleeping as a couple too. The whole idea is that it feels more like a BED than a sleeping bag. There are no zippers on it, and even a place to slip your feet through to get some air. Plus there’s room for a standard pillow (or two in the Duo) and even has a sleeve for a standard air mattress.

While the Frontcountry is heavier and bulkier than the Backcountry, it’s still super reasonable for a double bag in size and weight, even when you’re packing for the whole family. The closest you’ll get to a bed while camping….without the hassle of sheets and covers!

Sauce Hats and Headbands

I am such a fan of this local Bozeman company, which makes ALL their styles right here. We took a tour of their factory and loved seeing the entire process. Plus we pretty much wear these hats and/or headbands every single day. And that says a lot!

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

Sauce Flurry Tights

Besides headwear, they’re also branching out to some apparel and these tights are my second favorite to wear in the winter with skirts (just because that’s what I do!) They’re great for nordic skiing, hiking and walking too! SUPER comfortable and zippered pockets and extra fleece warmth in just the right places.

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!


Win a custom Valentine’s Day Fleece Skirt from Sage and Snow!

I have seriously worn my skirt every single day this week. Which means I will need another one! Don’t miss the sale – $20 is totally reasonable!

A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

I’m so excited one of you will win a custom red skirt, thanks to Sage and Snow.

Please enter to win using the widget below.

As usual, the winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the widget once it’s closed. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!
Sage and Snow Custom Red Skirt

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A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!

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129 thoughts on “A List of Gear Outdoor Women Love + Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve never thought of pairing a skirt with leggings for winter outdoor outings but LOVE it! It’ll be a nice break from multiple layers of pants.

  2. I’m a certified skirt-a-holic so I’d have to say I’d like the skirt best….though that cozy double front country bag looks awesome too!

  3. Thanks for finding new brands that are locally made (at least for you, but still made in the USA) that are cute! Love you hat!

  4. My favorite item is the Fleece Mini Skirt! I didn’t know such things exited before this winter and I am so glad I got one. The brand I bought was too big though because I’m so short, so it’s like knee length…I need a mini instead! ; ) I’m slowly starting to build my outdoor wardrobe – I spent so much time getting kiddo all set up and now I realized I have to get myself to the same level!

  5. I love everything but the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo is awesome. Great for camping with my hubbie. A warm pair of gloves is what I would add to the list.

  6. i love the much boots. I would add a down or synthetic jacket that is long enough to cover your bum. An essential in my book.

  7. The sleeping bag looks really cool. I’m not sure what I would really add to the list as it looks great; maybe some wool socks.

  8. I just started wearing skirts and leggings with my boots this winter and I am loving it. Those short all season boots are pretty cute. You have such great ideas!

  9. The saucy flurry tights!! I have only one pair of leggings that are warm and with it feeling like -41C these days, I’m wearing them a lot more (plus jeans on top of them and then a pair of sweats on top of that lol) I lost so much weight that my ski pants no longer fit and I was literally walking on them.

  10. I need to look into some of these. I always have my kids all geared up while I just bump along-I don’t even have my own snow pants!

  11. I love those supernova tights. They would be so cute with a shirt. I’d add the Patagonia down sweater to the list. It’s the perfect warmth to weight ratio.

  12. I feel like I can never have too many jackets- that Sierra Designs one looks great! I also love my Bogs Summit boots, they are perfect for our Arizona winter weather (some snow, some rain, some mud).

  13. Love all of the local products. I’m a huge fan of skirts and tights in the winter (I hear you on the snow pants). I’d add mittens and hats. Thanks!

  14. I think the skirts are super options to brighten the blah gray weather! Everything tends to be made in black. I have a new philosophy, I add my colorful polar fleece skirt and a crazy pair of socks and PRESTO! Instant happiness, or at least a few odd stares! Lol

  15. I have never tried a hiking skirt for winter, but I think I should try! My saddlebags get colder than the rest of my legs, so a little extra insulation in that area would be really helpful.

  16. I am in love with the Jacket!! I need to go check those out, it’s time to retire my much loved current one, and have been on the hunt for a new one I will love just as much.
    I have some Birkenstock ones that I love, but am always looking for something that will keep my very outer extremities warmest while not making it impossible to do my work outside!

  17. I think both skirts are my favorite. I am new to the cold winter thing (Texas girl now in Minnesota!) and I never would hve thought about winter skirts!

  18. I love the sage and snow skirt….the fleece one and the skhop one too! I made my own down skirt last year and absolutely LOVED it! Wore it almost every day with fleece leggings and never wore snow pants unless downhill skiing! I also love the frontcountry duo…..looks so amazing for winter camping….I honestly freeze so I’d use my sleeping bag inside this and be so warm and toasty! I think her story at Sage and Snow is just so awesome as I sew my own athletic gear and have dreams of someday starting my own maternity and momma active wear line and so I just love her story! The sauce flurry tights sound pretty awesome too! I would add a nice pair of gortex bib overall ski pants to your list! Mine are made by North Face and personally I can’t play in the snow with kids or even ski (I have been known to nurse on the hill!) without bibs on to keep snow out of my pants!!!!! Love them and would love to find a skirt with the bib part attached to the top….maybe that’d be called a jumper?!?! (or maybe one day I’ll sew that!)

    1. You just let me know when you start selling your stuff!!! Sounds like you have some fantastic ideas (in a much-needed market!!)

  19. I love the Muck Arctic Weekend Boots!! Love that they are fabulous for cold and wet days and are also easily to slip on!! I am always in a rush with my kiddo lol. I would add a Honeybea Bumwarmer!! They are fabulous and I am always getting cold drafts on my tushy lol!!!

  20. My favorite is the Skhoop Greta Skirt! I would add a pair of insulated gloves from Duluth Trading Company!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  21. I love everything on the list! If I had to pick one item, it’d probably be the soft shell – could really use a new one! I’d add SmartWool PhD Socks to the list – they are cute, warm, and last forever.

  22. Thank you for compiling these review So! When I am thinking of purchasing new gear I always check with your review to decide. I like the muck boots! I am in need!

  23. I use a headband most days, that one is really cute. I also use down a lot in the winter jacket or vest depending on the weather.

  24. I love the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo!! It seems amazing!! I think the only thing I would add is gloves even though I see you wearing a pair!

  25. Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo sounds so comfy and lets face it the older we get the more we appreciate comfy.
    I work outside even in winter although I get cold easily and hate it. I love these gloves I have because they are like gloves sewn into mittens so you’re hands stay super warm. I also love my heated socks and my heated jacket

  26. Love the recommendations! I like the tights, skirt and sleeping bag suggestions and am going to look for them 🙂 I would add good socks – like Smartwool, Icebreaker or Teko. And I love my Skhoop skirt too – so amazing!

  27. The Sauce Flurry tights look super warm to wear when I visit Canada! Also, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a winter skirt!

  28. The tights are all awesome, but I would looove to have the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo sleeping bag. Seriously. We always try zip to together with great failure.

    I would add a really good water bottle. One that is either metal or shatter-proof glass.

  29. My favorite item is the Sierra Designs All Seasons Soft Shell. My wife would LOVE this skirt! I would add a really good pair of gloves to this list.

  30. I’m a skirt with tights girl, also! I love the Sage and Snow skirt on your blog and am headed to their page to check them out. I always wear super cozy socks with my skirt and tights combos and would like to know your favorite socks. Thanks for your great posts!

  31. I’m a fan of the boots. And we’re likely to purchase them eventually anyway. Your recommendations have always been spot on and I now check here before I purchase outdoor gear to get suggestions from you. Thanks for putting all the work in to make this blog. We are definitely outside much more frequently since stumbling upon this blog.

  32. I’m always looking for a warm winter coat, so I’d say Sierra Designs All Seasons Soft Shell. I would add for the babywearing mamas, the Kowalli baby carrier cover. It keeps both of us warm!

  33. I am excited to hear about the winter leggings by Sauce! I have been searching for some and will definitely check them out. I already own one of their hats, which is great. I have been on the search for an affordable winter skirt to try out too.

  34. Thanks for the double sleeping rec. keeping it on my radar! Lately I’ve really enjoyed our Oakley kids snow goggles. They keep little faces warm outside, and really that’s all that was left uncovered! Hoping for a new skirt, looks great!

  35. Love the look of the outdoor women gear. Thanks for posting! Great ideas to look into. Love the look of the soft shell and leggings. Skirt is cute too.

  36. I am dreaming of camping so I’m loving the sleeping bag.
    I’d add nice gloves. I have trouble keeping my hands warm.

  37. By February, I am also sick of wearing my snowpants and a combo of Sauce Flurry tights with a fleece or down skirt sounds awesome!

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