Make Helmet-Wearing As Normal As Biking Itself *Lazer Sport Helmet Giveaway*

This post is Day 2 in our Celebrating Biking week in conjunction with My Outdoor Alphabet.  In case you missed the post yesterday, you can find more information about it here (and enter to win another great giveaway!) 


I have touched on the topic of helmet-wearing often here, so won’t repeat myself over and over.  However, we firmly believe in the rule that you never EVER ride your bike without a helmet (even if your friends are doing it.)  The reasoning isn’t as much as the protection on a daily basis (which is obviously huge), but rather an ambitious attempt to make it as normal as wearing a seat belt.  You do it every.single. time. It’s normal and you feel naked when you don’t do it.

We hope to instill an understanding of safety, of course, but also of responsibility, good habits and a respect for the bike.  As a note, our kids also wear helmets every single time skiing, and most of the time sledding (that is a new one for me, so sometimes I admittedly forget.)  We don’t want to have the attitude of “oh that looks dangerous – wear your helmet!” because it teaches children to be (or that it is a license to be) dare devils when they DO wear it.  And that, in turn, results in more accidents in which a helmet may or may not be productive (depending on the circumstances, of course.)

J wearing the Nut'Z helmet
J wearing the Nut’Z helmet

We are lucky enough to have kids often riding bikes at our home.  They are our own kids and their friends.  We keep enough helmets around for the amount of bikes we have and strictly enforce the rule for everyone that visits.  “At our house, everyone wears helmets when they bike! Check out this cool one!”

P wearing the Bob helmet - the smallest one that Lazer Sport makes
P wearing the Bob helmet – the smallest one that Lazer Sport makes

We encourage families to start kids wearing helmets from the very beginning.  Start young and they won’t question it!


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Lazer Sport has some of the very best helmets out there for kids AND adults.  We’re big fans.  They have stepped up and graciously donated the opportunity for two of you to win a helmet.  We are giving away a Nut’Z helmet and a P’Nut helmet.  The P’Nut is slightly smaller than the Nut’z helmet and fits head sizes 46-54 cm.  Check out our previously posted review of the Nut’z that J wears – the technology is outstanding.   Both helmets come in a variety of colors for boys and girls (winner chooses, depending on availability.)

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51 thoughts on “Make Helmet-Wearing As Normal As Biking Itself *Lazer Sport Helmet Giveaway*”

  1. My policy is that they wear a helmet at all times! My kiddos are forgetful, but don’t fight wearing a helmet. They just need reminders.

  2. Growing up, we were the only kids who had to wear their helmets. What a pain! But now as a parent, there is no way I would let my child on a bike without one! I see families riding around all the time with no helmets. My son is just about old enough to get on a bike and I will be enforcing a strict helmet policy.

  3. My helmet policy is that my daughter and I have to wear our at all times when on our bikes. The hardest part is my wife refuses to wear hers. Fortunately, my daughter knows I preach safety and always puts her helmet on!

  4. I think we have a pretty good helmet policy… kids and parents ALWAYS wear helmets on their bikes. Now rock climbing… we might have more issues with. Parents wear helmets when climbing… probably 50% of the time. Kids wear helmets when climbing 100% of the time, but not when hanging out at the bottom of a crag. I often think that they should be wearing one there, but they just get uncomfortable quickly, and we want the kiddos to have fun. It’s a tough line to draw.

  5. My children always wear ‘boat coats’ (life jackets) and ‘bike hats’ (helmets). It just is part of the routine – get shoes on, coat zipped up and then bike hat. No questions or debating, it just has always happened! I love that they see people not wearing a helmet and just think they forgot to put it on!

  6. We always wear helmets. We are taking our daughter’s helmet with us when fly (AK to IL) to Grandma’s house so she can ride all the toys at Grandma’s house. My daughter loves playing with my helmet.

  7. Our helmet policy is that they always wear one, and since they’ve always had to they don’t know anything else. The hardest part is the parents that don’t make their kids wear them, especially when they comment within earshot of my kids with something like ‘Well, I didn’t wear one when I was a kid and I turned out just fine’

    1. We make our kids wear helmets no matter if they’re going 2 feet or 2 miles. We don’t even let them touch their bikes without their helmets on!

  8. Our daughter always has to wear her helmet while on her bike. It’s not too difficult for us because she usually complies, thankfully! Hopefully soon she’ll remember herself to wear her helmet.

  9. We always wear our helmets when we ride. I struggle when the kids ride to friend’s homes and they do not chose to wear a helmet. We try to set an example. Thanks for this post!

  10. My kids (3 and 5) sometimes embarrass me by exclaiming loudly within ear shot of a cyclist: “Look at that man! He is not being safe on his bike! He needs to a wear a helmet!” They are very conscientious helmet wearers themselves and have encouraged our neighbors’ kids to always wear theirs. A good example goes a long way! Their Daddy is a safety-conscious bike-commuter.
    We have already been thankful for helmets. One time my boy was going very quickly (he has been on a peddle bike without training wheels since he was two- so he can go fast!), lost control of his bike, and he flew over the handle bars. The helmet saved him from a broken nose and all he got was a nasty scrape. If he hadn’t been wearing a helmet it would have been a guaranteed trip to the emergency room. Yay for helmets!

  11. Helmet Policy – it’s always worn. Even on the trike. When I grew up I rode horses and my mom always made me wear a helmet (I know it’s a little different than a bike but same principle). I ended up breaking two of the helmets due to various “crashes” with my horses. I’m sure glad I was wearing them!
    Many times my daughter gets so excited to ride the bike she just runs out there with the bike so we sometimes run after her with the helmet. Otherwise she’s very good about wearing it since she’s always been given the helmet when the bike or trike comes out of the garage.

  12. They are to wear one on scooters and bikes. The oldest does so willingly, the three year old is a bit of a fight, but he knows, no helmet, no ride.

  13. So here’s the thing. I FULLY believe that no matter what you TELL your kids, it’s MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO. Well, Mama monkey doesn’t have a helmet. It’s something I SHOULD buy, I know. I just end up spending the “extra” bit of money we sometimes have or that I get as a gift on say a new backpack or trail shoes. I NEVER have let the helmet make the top of the need/want list. Thankfully, my 2.5 yr old hasn’t noticed….YET. So, this would be a sweet win. Mama should wear a brain bucket too.

  14. They are to wear their helmets. My 6 year old doesn’t fight it, but my 4 year old does cause he would rather wear his ball cap

  15. Our girls wear helmets all the time. The only time we hear complaining is when they are in the bike trailer and our little (18 mo) says it hurts.

  16. Luckily for us, our son is very into hats. He considers his helmet as another cool hat so he never fights us on wearing it. Sometimes he just wears it around the house! Our policy is helmets 100% of the time when riding.

  17. I always have my 2.5 year old wear his helmet, even if he’s indoors on the balance bike. He resists occasionally but I tell him he can’t ride unless he has it on.

  18. Everyone must wear a helmet when riding a bike. The hardest part is making sure dad wears his too. The kids wear them willingly because it is all they have ever known. We started putting helmets on them when they began sitting on the tricycle seat.

  19. Helmets are a must for my 3yr old. The exception to the rule is when she rides her 4-wheel Radio Flyer ‘trike’ around inside the house. She wears her helmet in the i-bert or the chariot when we ride together, and whenever she hops on her strider. Mommy always wears her helmet too. We were together on a bike ride on our paved bike path when we saw an older gentleman wreck his bike at a slow speed (though he was not wearing a helmet). He ended up having a seizure, soiling himself, and bleeding from numerous places on his body. I would also assume he had a concussion as he couldn’t recall his name, where he was, or what day of the week it was. . . Needless to say, we called 911 and the ambulance came. Now my daughter watches everyone on the bike path and wonders why some don’t wear helmets!

  20. Helmets on first then they can get on the bike. Now it’s a habit! Although I don’t require my soon to wear a helmet when he gets on his balance bike since he is off/on every minute

  21. Always, always, always. Was actually the law where I grew up – kids/adults could be ticketed for not wearing one. The part we are NOT so great about is making sure it is properly tightened according to the “two-finger rule” all of the time 🙁 Many a tantrum has resulted from that aspect of wearing a helmet.

  22. He’s never not seen us without a helmet on when preparing to ride and we would bring them inside, where he started to try them on. He will go for his helmet when he wants to ride, so we haven’t had an issue!

  23. My son wears his helmet any time he gets on his bike. Usually, it turns into him wearing them helmet the rest of the day, especially when camping. We very, very rarely have any issues getting him to wear it. He just knows that’s how it is!

  24. Helmets are 100 percent normal in our house. I hate wearing them but I believe that they are incredibly important so I put it on to be a good example to my son and to others. We had a gentleman in town here, I saw him riding every day. He was just on a regular side street one day when his tire skimmed the curb enough to knock him off balance. He came down and the back of his head hit the curb. He didn’t make it. It was horrible and could have been prevented. I am still reminded of it when I think of helmet safety. Anything can happen. It is better to be safe and have your children safe.

  25. My boys always wear their helmets , no complaints, they know they have too or they could get hurt! They wear the elbow pads,knee pads and gloves as well!!!

  26. Our son always wears a helmet…I’m not sure how the policy evolved. We told him he needed to at first and then soon he was reminding us that we needed to wear ours, even for rides around the block. We have continued to share with him that it is a “smart” thing to do.

  27. My kids are always wearing helmets. It’s not so hard to get them to wear it since Mom and Dad are always wearing theirs when we bike. My youngest is so used to wearing her helmet, she asks for it as soon as we go out to play. So sometimes she looks a bit silly walking around the block in her helmet but at least she’s extra safe from those spills since she has a tendency to not watch where she’s walking!

  28. Everyone in our family wears a helmet, each time, all the time. Even when our little guy is in the bike trailer he’s wearing it. My parents always had me wear one and so it does seem like the norm.

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