Mama, Keep those Wheels Rolling!

At 25 weeks pregnant, I am totally clear of the half way point, obviously pregnant to strangers, feeling good….and only 5 weeks away from when I went on bed rest with P.


Believe me, the thought of doing that again scares me to death.  I do not sit still well.  At all.  However, I refuse to live in fear and instead will be continuing on with being active and living life as normal as long as the doctor gives me the clear.  I have to keep up with these boys as long as possible!

My most recent thought when I am out and about is “only in pregnancy do workouts (walks, yoga, pilates, etc.) get HARDER the more you do them”.  To tell the truth, it’s frustrating and I have to constantly remind myself (yes, even with #3) that this is good for the baby AND it’s ok – I’ll have plenty of time to do “all those things” later after the Baby comes.

While I am very much past the point where I can continue to pull the boys up the big hills around here in the Chariot or Weehoo, biking in general still agrees with me.  And if I can take the mega hills around here out of the equation, I think I will be set to go for a few more weeks.

Family Biking - 24 Weeks Pregnant
Family Biking – 24 Weeks Pregnant

When I was pregnant with the other two, this wasn’t an option for me….I think because the geometry of my other bike just didn’t allow for a “blooming belly”.  This time around I’m digging my Specialized Ariel (check out my full review here) though I still find my eyes wandering to a cruiser that would allow me to sit straight up.

Specialized Ariel Comp Disc
Specialized Ariel Comp Disc

“How long will you continue to bike (hike/walk/exercise)??” <– The question I am asked all the time (along with every other active pregnant woman out there, I know!)

My answer: “As long as it feels good.”

I am firm believer that staying active (even though it may be LESS active than before) is still more beneficial in numerous ways than not.  I can ignore the funny looks….and may look forward to the fact that colder weather means hiding a growing bump is easier and easier!

And it keeps me sane.  WAY more sane.


Do you/Did you bike throughout your pregnancy (or did your wife)??  Feel free to share your stories in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “Mama, Keep those Wheels Rolling!”

  1. When I am pregnant I’ll be cutting out bike commuting but bike paths will still be “do able”.

    I won’t put myself at the excess risk of biking in traffic when I am biking for two. There have been too many times I have had to suddenly stop or had drivers honk for no good reason and that shoots my cortisol right up which I can’t imagine is fun for a baby.

    However, a neighborhood bike ride or on bike path, that should be mellow enough.

    1. Tali – oh good point. I know this sounds silly, but I forget about the dangers of driving in traffic – we just don’t HAVE much traffic around here right now. But, yes, absolutely a good thing to consider! 🙂

  2. I didn’t bike but I did walk and ride horses up until I was into my 8th month. Midwife was fine with it and said if you can get in the saddle go ahead and ride, husband was a different story. I rode until I couldn’t heave myself and belly into the saddle and know I felt all the better for it!

  3. You look so very good! Keep on biking even if you become slower then maybe P will be able to keep up with you! Unless he is passing you already!

  4. Good for you! I bike commuted on city streets until the bitter end! At 6 months I switched to a folding bike that was a little more upright with more room for my belly. I got a lot of judgmental comments, of course. But my doctor was supportive and it kept me sane during my pregnancy. In fact, my husband and I biked home from newborn care class at the hospital and I went into labor 3 hours later. Now we bike our 14-month-old to daycare and he is happy and healthy! Do what makes you feel good… that’s what I say!

  5. I rode my road bike until the very end. I was a road racer so riding as long as I could was very important to me. I even commuted with a full backpack on my road bike until the day before I gave birth. It’s different for everybody though. You do what feels good to you!

  6. I tried to get out a swim laps my last pregnancy. I also shoveled a lot of rocks in our backyard (my twisted way of nesting, I guess). Then my daughter was born 4 weeks before her due date. So yeaaaah, this time I’ve slowed it waaay down. It may not make a difference, but then again it might. I envy other women with their rock solid uteruses.

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