A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!)

When we made the decision to move to Jackson, Wyoming it certainly wasn’t for the housing opportunities. People joke that the billionaires are pushing out the millionaires, but it’s not too far from the truth. A modest three bedroom home literally goes for over 700k here (and that’s more like a fixer-upper!)

But, there’s a reason people want to live in the shadow of the majestic Tetons. The beauty is astounding and the recreational opportunities are endless.

Plus the schools are excellent, the community welcoming and the culture thriving. And so, we took a chance and crammed our family of seven into a 1200 square foot government home.

We are the lucky ones. Many spend their summers living in their car.

We struggle daily with letting go and finding contentment in the millions of blessings that surround us instead of focusing on what we can’t have. It’s a choice.

After living in Yellowstone for five and half years and never really feeling like our house was a home, I was (and am) determined to make this one different.

While I am no interior decorating pro (nor do I claim to be!), I wanted to bring what we loved to the forefront of what we saw inside AND out of our home.

The idea here is little corners and walls and pockets of reminders to get outside and do what we love. They are shared memories, inspiration and hope when the walls start closing in just a little.

Dining Room

This is above our dining room table. I love how it combines our love of Wyoming winters with camping and summer playing. And moose, of course! While the photograph is small, it is the first outdoor photo we took of all 5 of the kids together.

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

Winter poster: JB’s Wild Wyoming

Hand-drawn summer/get outside/exploring posters: Live Love North 

Metal moose and tree: Urban Mining Company

Mud Room

This is what we see when we walk in the house through the (very small) mud room. Ignore our this-isn’t-organized-because-it’s-used hanging rack (shoe organizer….perfect for drying hats and gloves!) I LOVE this sign. It’s a reminder to me that we worked so hard to get here, life is NEVER perfect and to take each moment as a blessing, because it certainly is!

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

Living the Dream Metal Art: BE. Designs & Creations

This is side wall of our mud room. We have a few My Outdoor Alphabet posters in our home and I just think they’re fun. They’re always great conversation starters.

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

My Outdoor Alphabet Posters available here.


This is our “snow/skiing” bathroom. It’s tiny, but always makes me smile and feel a little cooler in the heat of summer. The Pray for Snow sign is one my husband has had forever that we found in his closet of the house he grew up in.

The photographs are our family skiing at Bridger Bowl (top) and Mtn Papa and I backcountry skiing pre-kids (glory days ;))

If you’ve skied Jackson Hole, you’ve heard of Corbet’s Couloir. It’s a tough chute (depending on the level of snow) and something I will never ski. HA! But, I would bet my kids will someday….

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

Corbet’s Couloir poster by Wild Blue Dream, along with the one below. Aren’t they fantastic??

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

Living Room

Finally, this is the main collage wall in our living room. It’s a combination of the most important things in our life. We joke the sign should read “This is Our Crazy Place”, but I love my kids read it and find some security in that even on the bad days, this is still our happy place.

The sign on the right middle is a personalized print from Wild Blue Dream. I had to make it fit in that frame, so it’s a bit zoomed in. I love that it shows the mountains we see out our back window along with our whole family (Baby #5 unborn).

The photograph on the bottom right my brother took of the Alaska mountains I called home growing up.

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

This is Our Happy Place Sign: Echo Echo Lily

This is the small sign on the left. I love this saying so much. It’s available here.

And I just have to show off this tapestry my mom designed and made. It’s my boys hiking to Jenny Lake many years ago, long before we moved here. Isn’t it incredible??

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

And finally I am surprised how often I need this reminder. It hangs over the doorway in the kitchen to the mudroom (and then outside!) When I am stressing in the kitchen over meals or grumpy kids or a grumpy mom, this always helps!

A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

Go Outside Sign: BE. Creations & Designs

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A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!) + Giveaways!

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48 thoughts on “A Tour of Our Mountain Living Decor (Bringing the Outside, In!)”

  1. I have two prints from Wild Blue Dream and LOVE them both. She captured our family perfectly in each one.

  2. I would enjoy having an outdoor alphabet poster in our toy/ play room! My son is in the process of learning his letters.
    I finally ordered a large canvas of the Homer Spit that I absolutely love! It is hanging above our piano and in my direct line of vision while I am standing at our kitchen sink.
    Way to make your home feel like your home! After 4.5 years of living in our house, I finally decided to put the effort into making it more of a home. And I am loving the difference it has made!

  3. Jennifer Simmons

    Absolutely loving these prizes. I’m not sure what I would pick right now because they’re ALL awesome! Hope to be lucky enough to win one

  4. I would love the “go outside” sign as a reminder to me and my family to get out and enjoy nature. We have a mule deer skull/antlers mount that my husband shot hanging in our living room. At first I didn’t like it, but it’s grown on me!

  5. I love so much of that! Thank you for introducing me to some great companies! The adventure awaits sign is perfect for us and would go right over or front door.

  6. Alright… teach me some tapestry magic, Grandma! That’s beautiful!
    I have a lot of little outside collections in the house, some beautiful Idaho farmers, other various rocks and quartz, feathers, seashells, pine cones. I have a couple of posters in my living room from vacations, one of Mother Earth by a local artist that I feel very much akin too. And I make origami crane mobiles to have some birds in the house. And of course plants… the hardy kind that don’t die if I neglect them for a few weeks.
    I really appreciate outdoors in as well. All of these prizes look great and you’ve done an excellent job making a home for your adventure family. I’m not sure which is my favorite… I like the metal art and all the framed art!

    1. Idaho farmers?! I do not have a collection of Idaho farmers. Although, much respect to the farming community. Garnets. We love to dig for garnets. Available through the forest service in Clarkia. Highly recommend!

  7. I wish I live in the states!!! But prize 3 my outdoor alphabet is pretty neat!!! Love all the outdoor theme prints. What a great post of interior decorating tips!!! A while ago I went to a workshop and I made a dreamcatcher with willow branches that I yet have to put up, as it was my first one, it’s not the best. I guess there’s room for improvement!

  8. I love those outdoor alphabet posters! I would put it up in our hallway.

    I love incorporating pressing leaves found on hikes and hanging them up in a display.

  9. I really like all of them but the alphabet posters would be awesome for my little one learning his abc’s. I don’t have much for decorations in general so adding outdoor themed stuff would be great!

  10. I love all the metal items from BE. Designs and Creations, especially the ones that incorporate the hikers. I’d put them everywhere 🙂 The living room, the kitchen, the RV…

    I love vintage-look national parks posters. I have some from a calendar that I still need to frame and hang up, but I also have a couple from some half marathons I ran that were based just outside national parks. Those hang in our RV and are a great reminder of some good times running (me) and exploring the parks (the whole family).

  11. My favourite outside decor for the house would have potted plants. I just love the warmth and tranquility they bring in. The Meryl Go outdoors sign is my favorite from the give away. I think above the front door so every time i glance toward the door i have that reminder to get up and get out

  12. We have two of the alphabet prints but not the skiers yet- I’m going to ha r to get one as soon as they are back in stock!

  13. I love the alphabet posters and I would hang it in our youngest baby, Summit’s room. My favorite outdoor decoration we currently have is a framed picture of Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park taken on my husband and my first camping trip together.

  14. I love the rustic letters to hang in my gallery wall. I have a ring of a tree that we have. We planted it when we were married and storm blew it down. We cut off a piece and save it . Love it

  15. I like the Go Outside sign. I don’t do much decorating but I like to find pieces of driftwood and bring them inside for decoration.

  16. I really love the Go Outside & the Living The Dream metalwork signs. We have such a teeny tiny house too, so i think i’d have to rearrange a bit, but….I’m picturing one of them on our wooden door, i’m sure I could drill a bit. ; ) And I love love love the Echo Lily sign as well. I know that one would go right over the kitchen sink.
    My mother is a very talented art quilter. She has made two amazingly beautiful art quilts for me that reflect my favorite places, the Cascades in Oregon, and a famous arch in the Utah desert. They inspire me to keep my chin up when things get rough at home.

  17. Love BE’s designs! It’s nice when I run across their creations in my travels. It’s nice to see a small family business be so successful.

  18. Charlotte Nations

    The metal cutouts by BE. are great! I would put them in my living room. I also love all your wooden frames! I would love to get a wooden cutout of my state to hang on the wall.

  19. Thanks for sharing your home with us! It’s all about the tradeoffs isn’t it? I have made purposeful decisions (sacrifices?) to live closer to recreation opportunities and I’m so happy I did. I’d love any of the gifts but I like number 2 or 3 the best. Love that outdoor alphabet. Thanks for keeping me inspired to get my four outside.

  20. We’re moving back to Alaska after 6 years in Texas. Our home decor approach also includes the brilliant outdoor alphabet prints and National Park posters. Would love to put up the “living the dream” sign in our new house as we settle down to the life we have chosen

  21. Firstly, not sure how you are tracking it but- I am Canadian.
    1. My fave item I would be eligible for is the Outdoor alphabet.
    2. I have a few funky outdoorsy prints from Leanne Spanza. I love her bright modern vibe

  22. Wow. So many amazing decorations. I feel embarrassed to admit but we just finished our 14 month old sons bedroom, minus the decorations so thank you for the wonderful ideas. I particularly love the Live Love North pics 🙂 Great post!

  23. I love the My Outdoor Alphabet prints. I would put this in the kids’ play area. I would also like to get a real-tree wreath to hang up.

  24. I LOVE the Wild Blue Dream “to the mountains and back” sign – we live near the foothills of the Rockys down near Boulder, CO and this would look super adorable in our living room!

  25. We have “I love you to the Mountains and back” sign hanging by our living room window overlooking the Chugach. Painted by a friend. I love what you have done with your collage, Wild Wyoming and Live North Prints.

  26. Love the metal signs… and MOOSE! I started my career in Yellowstone and the moose were my favourite! So great. Hope you guys are enjoying soaking up all of the beauty of the Tetons!

  27. I really like the outdoor alphabets – I’ve never seen those before! I think they’d be really fun in my kid’s room along with this adventure board. He has a photo board where we put pictures of all our adventures (especially the outdoor kind.)

  28. I would love the go outside sign or the echo echo lily sign for the entrance to our mudroom where all the crazy happens everyday to get out and play! we live in the woods so its very fitting!
    We have a print from a lovely artist i found on etsy ages ago that says lets build an a frame and live in the woods… and so we did (well modified a frame 🙂 … added on with more kids!) and id love to hang it now that we’re almost done building again!

  29. Hello!

    I am binging your blog! I found you through Linda at rainorshinemama! We are taking our 9 month old camping in May and I am desperate to get him some weather-appropriate clothing for once! No more being afraid of going outside!!! Also, I really love your crucifix in your “this is our happy place” picture. I don’t want to presume you are Catholic based on that, but we are Catholic, so yay either way! 🙂

  30. Oh my! These are allll SO awesome! The Outdoor Alphabets are sooo much fun and I love the messages on all of these signs!

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