Music for Outdoor Kids

Music for Outdoor Kids

We love to rock it around here.  Music brings up everyone’s mood, and the sillier the words, the sillier the dancing.  While I admittedly am no “music junkie” I do appreciate quality kids’ music, especially when it teaches worthwhile lessons.  

These kids are like sponges – might as well let ’em soak up the good stuff…including encouraging them to get outside!

Over the past few years, we have collected a few that I would love to share.  They would make great stocking stuffers (or just an excuse to boogie.)  

Moose Tunes for Kids by Brent Holmes & Marty the Moose

“There’s a chocolate moose on the loose, dancing around in a red caboose….”

Silly, but informative too, with a track at the end full of fun facts about moose.

Bear Tunes for Kids by Brent Holmes and Bernie the Bear

” ‘My paw’s bigger than your paw’ and he waved his paw in the air.  My paw’s bigger than your paw and that’s because I’m a bear….”

This one especially seems to take “kidisms” and translate them to the songs the bear sings (like being competitive about how big their paw is.

Again, silly yet informative with a spoken track at the end full of fun facts about bears.

Mother Earth by Tom Chapin

“Good garbage breaks down as it goes, that’s why it smells bad to your nose.  Bad garbage grows and grows and grows.  Garbage is supposed to discompose!”

Great songs all about keeping our planet clean and healthy.

Catchy songs that will have kids singing along (and learning as they do!)

Goin’ Wild by the Banana Slug String Band

“Chew, chew, chew, chew, that’s what beavers do, we chew! Slap your tail and shout out loud, ‘I’m proud to be a beaver’ !”

My favorite, definitely because it is a CD all about Yellowstone and the Tetons.  Music about bison, letting fires burn (because they can definitely be good!) and Old Faithful.

Again, catchy music with informative facts!

Through the Woods by the Okee Dokee Brothers

The Okee Dokee Brothers may be my very favorite kids’ music. It’s full of catchy tunes and lyrics about camping, winter adventure and trail and canoe time.

I’ll spread the word
And you beat the drum
We’ll round up the troops
And get the gang to come
And we’ll leave the streets
And these neighborhoods
Head over the river
And through the woods

A Kid for the Wild by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

Recommended by a blog reader, we are super excited about this new one. Totally relevant to Yellowstone, all outdoor pursuits, wildlife, rivers, mountains and more.

“We’re going to climb a mountain, to see what we can see! We won’t stop till we get on top with the wildwind blowing freeeeee!!!”

Can You Canoe by the Okee Dokee Brothers

My campin’ tent
It’s my transportable affordable apartment
Where I open the roof zipper and can watch the big dipper
Risin’ as a breeze blows through the window vent
It’s time well spent livin’ in my campin’ tent

Anyone else have some great outdoor-themed music for kids?  I always love to hear about new tunes!

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