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My Favorite Bags for Outdoor Women

My Favorite Bags for Outdoor WomenHaiku Bags, oh how I love thee! Functional, fashionable , durable, sturdy and the kind you have around for about forever. I’m head over heels and have pretty much passed on any other bags that I had around that weren’t Haiku.

I also have gifted them to some of the women I love and constantly get feedback on how much they love them.

Top notch.

So, naturally, I had to continue to spread the word to you too.

This season has my favorite colors and a couple of my favorite styles too.


Here’s what makes Haiku stand out:

  • Most bags come with two strap options (short and long)
  • All bags are made with super high quality fabrics
  • They’re fairly simple in design, but also have plenty of pockets and nooks and crannies for all the little stuff
  • They wash up very well and hold up incredibly
  • They’re made for an outdoor life. I have zero patience for fashionable unless it is even more functional. These fit the bill.
  • Water resistant lining and coating


Everyday Tote $85

My Favorite Bags for Outdoor Women

This is the “little sister” to the Day Tote which we reviewed last year. Slightly smaller, but still roomy enough for perfect every day use. I pack ours for swimming, picnics, extra gear for after hiking adventures and full of snacks for a day out playing. I love that it has a zippered closure, a side pocket for the small stuff (like my phone or money) and is the right size to make it completely manageable. Plus the embroidery makes it even more gorgeous.


Ascend Hobo $85

My Favorite Bags for Outdoor Women

I have LOVED my previous Haiku purses, but I think I love this one even more. Maybe it’s the River Floral Print, maybe it feels a little bit like a Mary Poppins bag because I can fit so much in it, maybe I am just a sucker for the pockets galore! Either way, I get compliments on it all the time and it still looks as good as new (months later).


Right now Haiku is having a sale on their site – some of the older bags are 50% off. I also happen to know that we will be offering a special discount coupon code on ALL bags here on the blog AND giving some away in the next month or so.

Interested in purchasing? If you go through the ad below (or on our right sidebar), it helps us out a tiny bit (and doesn’t cost you a dime more!)

You can also get free shipping if you spend $100+  (affiliate link)

Haiku Bags - Free Shipping on Orders $100 or More!


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  1. I love Haiku bags too. I bought a purse last year in the pin feather pattern and loved it. Unfortunately, it got dirty quickly and I couldn’t clean it. I recently bought a different purse in a dark grey/green so the dirt wouldn’t show. Love it! I am going to check out the sale for sure. I would like the Everyday Tote or something that size.

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