Canoe Camping with Kids

Canoe Camping with Kids

Today we welcome Ken Schmaltz to the blog.  He is a dad, a Canadian, an outdoorsmen and a fellow blogger.  I have been asking him for months now to share his stories about canoe camping with his kids (just because I think it sounds like great fun and hope to do it with my family … Read more

Camping As a Single Parent

What strategies can you use as a single parent to make your camping trip fun for everyone? Camp with friends. This is one of my favorite ways to camp, because if the kids have friends to play with, they have a lot more fun, which means I have a lot more fun! I also love … Read more

Week-Long Camping Trips with Kids Are Easier Than You Think!

Confession:  Before this past week, we had never camped for more than one consecutive night with our boys (aged 2 and 4).  Usually one night was plenty and we were ready to head home and get some real sleep the next morning.  It was, quite honestly, more of a lets-see-if-we-can-survive-this more than anything else.  Shocking, … Read more

Tips for Winter Camping with Kids

Winter Camping with Kids

Let me start this off by saying that we are NOT experts when it comes to winter camping.  In fact, this month was the first time we ever decided to brave the (backyard) elements for some family bonding and get some more camping-with-little-ones under our belt.   Prefer winter camping in a yurt or cabin? … Read more

Confessions of an Ultrarunning Mom

Some might think that being an ultrarunner as well as the mother of two young boys is a mutually exclusive undertaking. Speaking from experience, I can tell you this is not the case, although it is certainly a pretty major balancing act. Ironically, I think having children was the thing that motivated me to explore … Read more

The Outdoors is for EVERYONE

the Outdoors is for everyone

Lauren from Hike.Blog.Love shares her family’s challenges of getting outdoors with their special-needs son (and why they fiercely believe in the difference it makes for him and for their entire family.)