Gear Review: DucKsday Rain and Fleece Suits

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    • Where to Buy: Ollie and Stella Outfitters
    • Testing Location: Yellowstone National Park
    • Testing Environment: Windy, Rainy, Snowy, Muddy, etc.

    The weather has FINALLY cooperated over the past few weeks to put what I was hoping would be one of my top gear-picks for kids through the paces.


    I am so very honored to help finally welcome DucKsday to the United States.  Previously available only in Europe, these rain and fleece suits are now being sold through Ollie and Stella Children’s Outfitters out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They stand apart from many other kids’ gear that we have checked out because they are durable, affordable and really DO keep kids dry.


    I talked to Lin, owner of Ollie and Stella, about why she worked so hard to bring DucKsday to the United States.  Her answer, which sums up so much about the suits, is as follows:


    “Basically, we use our rainsuits for everything from camping to skiing to watching older siblings’ sports to playing in the sand/water table at the park to biking everywhere to windy kite days.  We are hardly at home, or at least hardly inside.  Adding the fleece layer extends our seasons, and allows me to change the warmth of what they are wearing easily.  Also, if I have too run home for a little while or are in a warm store, I don’t have to choose between getting my kids completely undressed/redressed (a long process) or having them feel overheated.  I was always frustrated at the inflexibility of the offerings I found in snowsuits.  Raincoats available for young kids seemed to completely ignore function if they were “cute”.  Since my kids wear theirs so often I wanted something that was fun too.  Hence Ollie and Stella was born.”


    My boys have worn them in rain, snow and wind and have stayed plenty warm and dry.  I honestly couldn’t be more pleased.

    This review will focus primarily on the Rain Suits because they are the “star” of DucKsday, but I also wanted to point out how their range of protection is expanded with the addition of an interior fleece suit.









    Fleece Suits $29

    What we loved about them:

    – Thinner fleece to allow for easier layering

    – Included hood

    – Reinforcements on the knees

    – Suit zips completely off (of one leg)

    – Ribbed wrist and ankle cuffs

    – Great for dry spring and fall days (or just an extra layer when out on the trail.)


    What we weren’t so crazy about:

    – I was wishing the hood was fleece also (instead of cotton)

    – The fleece is great, but is the “replaceable” part of the whole get-up.  You really could use anything to layer under the rain suits.  They DO add an extra layer, but it isn’t enough for us when it is really cold out (we add baselayers and down then!)

    – I would prefer the suits to have elastic at the arm and leg cuffs to help with sizing (especially when you put your kid in gear that they can grow into!)



    Rainsuits (the “Bread and Butter” of Ducksday!) $69











    What we loved:

    – Completely wind and water proof.

    – Foldable into a pocket

    – Velcro adjustments at arm cuffs and on hood means a better fit as your child grows

    – Elastic stirrups keep the suit in place (and tucked neatly in boots!)

    – Reflective Strips keep kids safe as we lose daylight….

    – Available in 5 different patterns (which change yearly.)

    – Zippered pockets (that are also waterproof)

    – Available in sizes ~ 12 month – 5 years.  The sizes are European, but Ollie and Stella is great about helping figure out how they translate!

    – Easy to move in and covers all the “gaps” (which encourages lots of exploration in the kids.)  Check out this review by Nature for Kids that focused a lot on this aspect.


    What we weren’t so crazy about:

    – I know many people won’t agree with me on this one, but we were wishing there were some solid colors available.  Mtn Papa isn’t a huge fan of the bright prints and I think it makes gear more versatile when it is a more neutral theme.


    Beyond the Rainsuits

    DucKsday DOES carry much more than the rainsuits and Lin over at Ollie and Stella is working hard to make the full line available to us in the United States.  I know for a fact that mittens are on their way (which seem pretty fantastic!) and they have a full summer line too.

    Also, for older kids, there is the option of a jacket and pants instead of the rain suit for ~5-10 year olds.  They offer solid colors for the rain pants.  You end up paying a little more for them than the rain suit ($65 + $30) but it certainly expands the age range (and you should expect to pay more for the bigger kids anyway)!


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    The Bottom Line

    Absolutely the best rain/wind suits I have found so far for kids.  Highly recommended!


    Ollie and Stella generously provided both boys with rain and fleece suits for this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own!


    © 2012, Tales of a Mountain Mama. All rights reserved. Republication, in part or entirety, requires a link back to this original post and permission from the author.


      1. Christopher Sorel says:

        love the idea it folds into pocket as those emergency ponches are not that great and break

      2. Sweet. Would so love to try one of their rain suits. We are starting to grow out of the MEC one we have right now.

      3. We live in rainy Olympia, Wa. Now that summer is over I’ve been bummed about how little time we’ll be able to spend outside because of the rain. No one likes chilly cheeks and wet socks especially to see their babies this way! I try keep the boys dry and warm by layering as much as I can but after 10 minutes the hats have been discarded and their pants are getting wet. What a great idea to have an entire waterproof jumpsuit! Those would make it significantly easier to be outside when the weather is trying to keep us in.

      4. Wow, I didn’t even know these existed, Amelia. Thanks for sharing.

      5. Chris Widlund says:

        Wow! This rain suit is amazing. It speaks bucket loads to me that the only thing on your “don’t like” list is the print. Ha! We will definitely be getting one. There is nothing like mud season in VT!

      6. This will be my son’s first winter to really play in the snow (he was just crawling last year) so I’d love one of these rain suits to keep him dry…I’d rather not learn the hard way through poor quality suits and get one of these from the start!

      7. We use rain pants and rain coats, but they could stay warmer in those suits. Most rainy days in AK need a little fleece too!

      8. Shannon Santos says:

        We have yet to go through a windy/rainy/snowy season with Gemma, but they are calling for a much harder winter than last year. I would love to be able to still get outside for daily walks and play; and really, who doesn’t love pictures of babies in the snow? This would be a great outer layer for her.

      9. Pretty much no matter what I do after a few hours of playing outside one of the boys are wet. No matter what time of year. Maybe they found a puddle to lay in. Maybe they got tired of wearing mittens. Maybe they wanted to feel the snow in bare feet. Maybe they were trying to “help” their brother get a drink out of the hose. Having a rain suit would definately help! And they look so cute!

      10. Anna Skillman says:

        I Have never heard of this before! What a great invention! Somehow we always end up wet, like Cheri said – puddles are boy magnets.

      11. Unfortunately DD doesn’t even have a raincoat, we just layer her up in sweaters and hats and such to try and keep her dry and warm! This would be SUPER helpful for us as we approach the rainy seattle winter!

      12. Jessi Oakland says:

        Umbrella and a jacket although their legs still get pretty wet and heavy. We just take clothes off in the garage and throw them into the dryer. It sure would be nice to keep their whole bodies dry!!

      13. Love this! Looks cozy and functional!

      14. I’ve never bought kids rain coats – we’ve used ponchos, but they’re always a bit ackward!

      15. Great review of this product. I think I’ll try it out.

      16. I keep them dry with a simple jacket or coat, snow pants if the weather calls for it. Those work well, but do not look nearly as sturdy or waterproof as these. I would much rather put my two year old daughter in this…that is what I would use it for, her this winter 🙂

      17. My little one just turned one so I have yet to buy an “outfit” for cold, rainy weather… but we need one and this looks fabulous!

      18. I keep Pio dry with a rain coat. Usually he is in my ergo with a weather cover on in his stroller with the top pulled down and a blanket over his legs. These would be awesome now that he is more mobile and I’m trying to bring him outside to play more.

      19. I just stick with a basic but sturdy REI rain jacket over layers. I had their one piece rain suit when my daughter was under 2, and I have a two piece rainsuit for when she is a little older… but currently I have nothing for the 2-4 age… one of these would do just fine! 🙂

      20. These look great! And would make great Christmas presents! Thanks for the great review Amelia!

      21. We gear up with rain jackets from REI and rubber boots. Something like this would keep my littles even drier. Thanks for the giveaway.

      22. We use the tuffo muddy buddy one pieces. They work great,especially for the wind! But I like the fact that the ducksday zips off of one leg.

      23. We’re always on the lookout for affordable winter/rain/wind gear. Thanks!

      24. I love the idea! Must admit that the bright colors are great especially during a dark rainy day you can keep an eye on the kids!

      25. My kiddos need these!!!

      26. Now I just need waterproof booties too ; )

      27. We currently keep our little one inside if it’s raining or too wet, unless we have to get out to run errands or something of the like. The Ducksday Suits would be sweet to have though. It would enable us to be out if there’s a good rain on the trail or something of the like.

      28. I don’t like doing much outside when its raining, but with one of these we could get outside when its rainy or snowy too!

      29. We have a second hand one piece REI rainsuit that our baby just outgrew so these are the perfect option for the next size up, plus Ducksday are WAY cuter than the boring REI one we have!

      30. Hooded jacket, but that does not keep his pants from getting wet!

      31. We have a hand-me-down two piece rain suit from REI and while it is great for staying dry, it does lack in the warmth zone. It rains every few days where we live (in the spring and fall), and this suit would be so fun. I can see it being the perfect cold muddy day suit.

      32. I keep disposable ponchos in my glovebox in case of rain that I’m unprepared for. But I also have one of those obnoxiously large golf umbrellas in the car too. We live in Florida and it rains ALL. THE. TIME. Once my little one is cruising I’ll get him some rain boots too.

      33. These are awesome! They had my 5yr old in mind when they made this.

      34. My oldest keeps dry with her rain coat and rain boots. But I don’t have anything for my youngest. I will put her in a carrier and use an umbrella to keep us both dry. Ducksday would help to keep my youngest dry and not play and bat at the umbrella which makes it hard to keep us dry.

      35. Jadie Smith says:

        I bundle them in layers and try to use an umbrella if it isn’t too windy. Ducksday would keep my little girl dry and warm and give me peace of mind that she won’t catch a cold!

      36. Kara Musser says:

        I was not aware of these great options for outwear! My daughter would definitely enjoy this and I won’t have crazy, wet clothes when she comes inside! She stays dry and warm, too!

      37. I am so happy I stumbled upon your website and read this post. I have yet to come across rainsuits like this in a print..i am very excited by it. Crossing my fingers and toes that I win 🙂

      38. I saw these on kids at the crags in Germany. They wear them to hike out in the summertime to protect from the stinging nettles and ticks.


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