Gear Review: Kelty Woobie +30 Kids’ Sleeping Bag

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    • Best Use: Camping
    • Where to Buy: REI
    • Testing Location: Shoshone National Forest
    • Testing Environment: temps reaching 48 degrees at night

    I searched high and low for the smallest sleeping bag I could find that was truly built for little kids using it in cooler temperatures.  It certainly wasn’t an easy feat.  Not many companies make SMALL sleeping bags that have a decent temperature rating.  (Please note that temperature ratings are a little bit of a good guess for companies.  In fact, many don’t even have temperature ratings because outside conditions change that rating drastically.  If it is rated to +30, it may mean the child can survive, but won’t necessarily be comfortable at that temperature.)  The Woobie is  it (and I am actually surprised it doesn’t have more competition.)  While P (aged 1) fits in it well, J (aged 3) also does and will most likely fit in it one more summer.  It’s designed to be used for small children.

    One-year-old sleeping soundly in the Kelty Woobie

    What we love:

    – Small compact size allows for toddlers to fill the space and stay warmer.

    – Fleece-lined inside is cozy.

    – Comes in both pink and blue/green

    – Priced reasonably (when buying a sleeping bag you know your kid is going to outgrow is tough!)

    – Double top zippers allow for more movement for the child and easier adjustments depending on the temperature.  Unzipped completely allows for a child to sleep just on top of the bag and then parents can zip it up (without having the move the child) later in the evening as temperatures cool off.

    – Packs up small


    Kelty Woobie Opened Up

    Kelty Woobie

















    What we aren’t so crazy about:

    – To be perfectly honest, getting a 1 year old to sleep in a sleeping bag is not easy.  While it was better with each passing trip, the fact remains that it’s a new sensation and something else to get used to.  Granted, this has nothing to do with the actual bag, but is something to keep in mind when purchasing the bag.

    – Yes, our kids will outgrow this bag by age 4 (But, stay warm in the meantime ,and we’ll pass it on after that!)


    The Specs:

    Temperature Rating: 30 degrees Fahrenheit

    Shell: Polyester

    Insulation Type: Synthetic

    Shape: Semi-Rectangular

    Fits up to: 42 inches

    Shoulder Girth: 44 inches

    Hip girth: 44 inches

    Fill weight: 15 ounces


    In case you missed it, see our blog all about why kids’ sleeping bags ARE worth it (with links up to other bags we have reviewed.)


    This review was possible through the generosity of Kelty.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.  Additionally, some of these links ARE affiliates.  If you choose to use them to purchase a kid’s sleeping bag for your child, it helps offset the cost of this blog in a (very) small way.  Thank you!  See our full disclosure here.

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    The Bottom Line

    An excellent bag for the smallest of campers.  Cozy, comfortable and just their size.


      1. Hello,
        I am looking at trying the Woobie for my almost 1 1/2 year old. This one does not say that it has attachments for a pad, what have you used under your little ones?

        • Definitely a downside of the Woobie. We have just had them on a camping pad. Usually we are close enough in the tent that if they end off the pad, they’re on someone else’s 😉

      2. Lindsay says:

        Can I ask you a question too? Our almost one year old girls are both generally tummy sleepers, and I worry about them in a sleeping bag. We just went camping this weekend and both girls were cold and ended up in our bags, which means nobody got any quality sleep! They don’t love to wear hats to bed, which added to the challenges, and their poor little hands were cold…did any of your kiddos tummy sleep and/or have you seen any research on this? Google is not helping at all…thanks!

        • Hi Lindsay – so we have some tummy sleepers too…but they always back slept while we were camping…(which now I think is a bit weird ;)) Or at least on their side.
          However, sometimes the best thing you can do is embrace the fact that they need you to keep warm and get a couples sleeping bag to share with them…it’s WAY better for everyone (I have had some extremely cold nights before I figured this out.
          Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but that was our best trick (finally!)

          • Lindsay says:

            Ahh…yes, I can see how just sucking it up and letting them sleep with us might be the answer…I might try one or two other options before that though, since that would mean that mama gets no sleep (I’m always amazed at how folks can sleep with their babies!). Thanks so much for your awesome feedback, love your site!


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