Gear Review: Patagonia Puff Ball Jacket for Infants and Toddlers

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    One of the downsides of bundling kids up for winter is the BULK.  After a few layers they start wobbling around and risk the “falling down and can’t get up” problem.


    I find that our own kids show the most resistance to getting outside when they simply can’t move (and who can blame them?)


    Patagonia’s solution has been the Puff Ball Jacket.  Available in sizes 6M – 4T, the jacket provides excellent warmth without the bulk.  It is THE best jacket I have ever found for keeping kids warm and managing to still fit them in a car seat.  When J was an infant, we had the same jacket that was awesome, and I was curious how it work out for older kids.  We were not disappointed.



    What we love about the jacket:

    – Super warm (we are continuously surprised how many layers under it he doesn’t need.)

    – Blocks wind, moisture and the cold

    – Super soft and pliable meaning kids move freely

    – Because it is so pliable, it means buying big is an option that doesn’t result in a kid totally swimming in the jacket. **And Patagonia kids’ tends to run big!**

    – Generously-sized hood that fits over winter hats

    – Reversible (great for changing up colors, moving to a cleaner side OR helping convince the next sibling it is a brand new coat!)

    – Easy to layer over and under.

    -Washes well (though I try to wash any outerwear as little as possible.)

    – It holds up excellent – J plays hard and we have had no issues with tearing, etc.


    What we aren’t so crazy about:

    – I honestly don’t have much to say here.  For what the jacket is (and it’s NOT a rain jacket) – it’s awesome.  Unfortunately, it is also $89, but worth it when you can pass it on (and on and on!)


    St. Bernard Sports generously provided me this jacket for the purposes of facilitating a review.  As always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly my own.


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    The Bottom Line

    The best jacket out there for kids that don't want the bulk (but may need some extra layers!)  Great for using alone or layering up!


      1. we LOVE our puffy coats, they worth their weight in gold in this house. the price is steep but they are readily available on ebay and on super sale in the off season. and our jackets go through a minimum of three kids (sometimes more)! my only feedback to patagonia on this and the puff ball pants it to PLEASE make them in sizes larger than 5T! there isn’t an equivalent in sizes for kids over 5T– the down sweater is lighter and less weather proof without a hood and the down parka is pretty bulky (though still great).

      2. i love my old down jacket.

      3. Looks like a good chose for kids!

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