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    Since we first received our Urban Glide (single version) last year, I was hoping to see a double come down the pipes. It is one of my favorite strollers (especially for running), but there is still occasionally a time when a double comes in very handy with 3 kids.


    While Thule has two different models in their single version (the “Glide” has a fixed front wheel and larger wheel size for smoother rolling; the “Urban Glide” has a swivel front wheel), the double version only comes in the Urban Glide – swivel wheel – model (so far).


    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review


    Like it’s single version, the Urban Glide 2 is a fantastic runner. It weighs in at 32 pounds (2 pounds lighter than a BOB Revolution Duellie for comparison) and pushes like a dream thanks to its smooth rear suspension. It’s sleek and built for being able to focus more on your run and less on what you are pushing. The seats go back to a nearly horizontal position for napping (though my kids always like to be sitting up a little more).


    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review


    For curiosity sake, we did our best to max out the 100 pound weight limit (85 pounds of kids and about 15 pounds of gear) and were surprised as to how well it still handled, even on a more uneven surface. While my 6 year old wouldn’t be able to comfortably sit it in it for hours, he can sit in it for a while. The Urban Glide 2 (and the 1, for that matter) have a shallower seat than some other strollers (again, think the BOB or Burley Solstice), but it’s doable. I don’t really know many 5 or 6 year olds you want to push around for long distances anyway.


    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review

    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review


    One thing I really love about the Urban Glide strollers is that you can truly fold them up with one hand. With a twist of the handle, they fold up on their own and aren’t bulky. They also have “follow-the-sun” canopies that keep the kids covered and protected from the sun. Again, not as huge as some other canopies out there, but totally ample enough to protect kids from the sun.


    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review


    I’m still hoping that Thule will improve on this in subsequent models, but the parking brake is a bit clunky. It’s hard to push and seems rather flimsy for the stroller. No problems with it yet, just not as smooth as I would like it to be.


    The Urban Glide 2 comes with two rear back mesh pockets (for flatter items), small mesh pockets inside the stroller for small items for the child and a weather-proof covered storage compartment underneath (with a small zipped pocket on the outside.)  It’s plenty of space to handle the essentials, though we like it even better with the Thule console ($39.95) added on (see below for link). We’d love to see an added zippered pocket on the stroller itself that is quick access as you run (so high up on the back of the stroller).


    The child straps are very easy to adjust between riders of different sizes (I can switch them in less than 30 seconds) and just fit well to keep the child from moving around (which is an issue especially when they are young.)  It also has one of the easiest adjustments we have seen for one-handed up and down.


    The front wheel can be locked either front or rear-facing or in a “free swivel” position.  There is an easy tracking adjustment on the wheel that really works so you aren’t fighting with a stroller that is just a little off and won’t steer straight. A big deal when you are putting on some serious miles.



    Available Accessories:

    Sun/Mesh Cover: I really recommend this one for dryer climates. Just a  little more sun protection and keeps those pesky bugs out when you need it to.

    Rain Cover: For the wetter climates….

    Thule Universal console: I personally like being able to keep my phone and water bottle available when I am walking and running. This organizer clips on super easily and does what I need it to do! Plus you can use it on other Thule models too. **The console I have is slightly different than the one available now**Thule Urban Glide 2 Review

    Car Seat Adapter: Technically, you can fit two carseats in the Urban Glide 2, though I haven’t actually tried it. But, the folks at Thule assure me it can be done. Great for when your child is under ~4 months.


    Quick Run Down:

    What we love:

    – Lightweight and smooth ride, ideal for pushing a load

    – Folds up easily and compactly

    – Easy to adjust straps

    – Seats recline almost flat

    – Front wheel can lock or swivel and the tracking adjustment is very easy to use effectively

    – Follow the sun canopies

    – Hand brake for managing bigger hills and heavier loads


    What we would like to see improved:

    – Less clunky brake

    – An easy-access pocket up high if you don’t have a console

    – Slightly deeper seats for bigger kids <– not a deal breaker


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    Thule Urban Glide 2 Review

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    The Bottom Line

    If you have some serious running to do or just want a jogging stroller that is lightweight and pushes well, the Urban Glide 2 is fantastic. It seems to pull together the best features of the top jogging strollers out on the market into one beautiful package. While there are some slight tweaks we'd love to see improved, in general this is an incredible stroller that is lightweight AND manages very well in a variety of terrain. It's for the serious runner, but has the features to satisfy any active family. And while it isn't cheap, the price point is very reasonable in comparison to the competition on the market.

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      1. Love it. Does it fit thru standard doorways?

      2. Great review! We live in Colorado, how are the Thule’s tires? Do they go flat a lot? Also, I have a tall 2 year old at 37 inches, does this stroller fit tall kids well? I don’t run but I like the off roading capabilities of this stroller. Thank you!

      3. I am trying to decide between the Urban glide 2 and the Bob Revolution Flex Dualie. The Thule seems less bulky but I’m worried about it not lasting as long. I have a tall 2 year old and 4 month old that will probably be tall too. Which do you prefer and do you have any thoughts when comparing the two?

        • I really really love how the Thule Urban Glide runs – just so much more streamlined for serious running. And I would have to measure, but would say that as far as kid size, both work. The seats are just a bit shallower on the Urban Glide.

      4. Have you had a chance to compare this to the Baby Jogger Summit X3 single or double? I have the BJ single and I am very happy with it, but trying to decide what to get for my double with #2 due in 3 months and can’t seem to find a place to test out doubles. The X3 and UG have a lot of similar features– reclines almost flat, easy up/down strap (looks very similar), hand brake, swivel or fixed front wheel, one hand fold, big canopies. Looks like Thule might be a couple pounds lighter. I see Thule has a covered basket which isn’t a big deal to me because I’m in dry as dirt SoCal. I see many reviews comparing each to BOB but very few comparing them to each other.

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