Gear Review: Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review

    One of the toughest parts about baby wearing and getting out (hiking, etc.) is keeping baby warm and comfortable.  There are a few options out on the market right now (we’ve reviewed the Boba Hoodie and the Make My Belly Fit panel).  However, the Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho is the only one I’ve found made specifically for rainy conditions.


    The idea of the poncho is that you can wear it both with a child in a front carrier (anything where Baby’s head is at about chest level works) or without a child just on your own.  I personally appreciate any and all baby gear that is set up so it works after the relatively short period you need it for a baby.  The poncho works best with a baby wearing light jacket underneath it (like the Boba Hoodie).


    Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review

    With my 3 month old


    For keeping Baby warm there are three different options:

    1.  Baby is small and fits under the poncho completely ~0-3 months or so

    2. Baby wears the Baby Hood and it is clasped under their neck like they are wearing the hood on their own

    3. The hood covers Baby and then attaches to your poncho so there is nothing going under their chin and touching their neck


    Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review

    With the two year old – he was wearing the hood like a cape so we just tucked it in the poncho (another option!)


    Features of the poncho:

    – Wind and water resistant

    – Kangaroo type pocket that keeps the baby hood inside when  you aren’t using it and also provides access to Baby and/or is a hand warming place.  Small zippered pocket also keeps valuables safe.

    – Adjustable hood for you and Baby

    – One size fits most

    – Works for both men and women

    – Fleece-lined hood



    Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review


    What I loved:

    – Poncho easily covers baby and the wearer

    – Windproof

    – Waterproof

    – Light enough to let air flow, but also keep Baby protected from the sun in non-rainy conditions

    – Can be used with a child or on its own (for biking, hiking, an extra layer, etc.)



    Together Gear Mama Baby Poncho Gear Review

    It even works for freezing rain (with enough layers under it!)


    What I wasn’t so crazy about:

    – I wish the Baby hood was bigger for bigger babies (and the adjustment toggle just allowed for making it smaller for the little ones). It is big enough for my 3 month old, but really doesn’t provide a lot of protection for my 2 year old (especially when he starts moving around.)

    – I’d love a brim on both the Adult and Kid hood

    – You can’t use it for back carries (though it makes sense that when it was really raining, you would want to be able to see your child and be sure they were staying covered.)

    – When you are wearing Baby with their own hood on, there is a bit of an open space between Baby and Mama that allows wind/rain in, despite having the button under Mom’s (or Dad’s) chin buttoned up.  It protects you from most of the elements, but not all of them.  Maybe a reverse zipper that starts at the chin would solve this?

    – At almost $200, it’s spendy, especially for a poncho.  However, it’s quality materials that are meant to be worn on tons of adventures and for more than just baby wearing.

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    The Bottom Line

    The poncho is well-made and truly is wind and water resistant. It provides an easy one-size-fits-most option for baby wearing and just having an extra layer to keep you both warm. It's spendy at nearly $200, but is what you would expect to pay for a quality jacket. While it is certainly personal preference, I think I would instead go with a jacket that let less airflow up and under the covering (like a poncho) does for that amount of money. But, that's just me! Ponchos work great for lots of people.

    Together Gear generously provided us a demo sample to try out (and then return) in order to facilitate this review.  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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      1. Amelia,

        Thanks for the excellent and thoughtful review. I completely agree on all counts. I appreciate the feedback, too, and each of your improvement ideas has already been in the works for the next rounds. Feel free to share more of your brilliance as it comes to you…. for this product, or others that you think none of us mountain mamas should be living without.

        Always striving for greatness,
        Jess at Together Gear

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