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    • Testing Location: Yellowstone National Park
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    WOOM bikes have taken off over the past couple of years and we are thrilled to have been a part of that. The WOOM City bike is one of their most unique bikes, filling a niche of people looking for the perfect bike for kids commuting to school, etc. Be sure to read our comprehensive overview of WOOM bikes here.


    However, you’ll notice from our photos below that the WOOM City isn’t JUST for the city! It’s light enough that he easily can ride it up mountain roads.


    WOOM City Bike Review

    WOOM City Bike Review


    The WOOM City (available in a “4” or “5” model and in red, green and blue) has the following features that set it apart from other bikes:

    -light weight aluminum frame

    -dynamic geometry

    -eight gears

    -dynamo powered front and rear lighting system

    -fenders to keep the rider cleaner

    -rear rack for holding a backpack (with included bungee cord)




    Due to the fact that we don’t actually live in an urban setting (at all), we wondered what our kids would think of the bike. I shouldn’t have even questioned it, because what kid doesn’t love extra gadgets, bells and lights to make their bike more fun?


    WOOM City Bike Review


    Immediately, the lighting system stands out. The light is pedal-powered so that, when the switch is turned on, the headlight turns on automatically thanks to a dynamo hub on the front wheel. That same dynamo also powers the rear LED light via internally routed cables. While it’s really hard to get photos of, both lights provide a significant increase in visibility for both the rider and other traffic. While it is possible to purchase front and rear lights for a bike, this system is so slick because it is built as part of the bike, requires no maintenance, and powered by the child’s own pedaling.


    The light also comes on within a few seconds of riding and stays on after pedaling has ceased for a few moments (especially helpful for when having to stop for traffic lights, etc.) We took the WOOM City in the darkest place we could think of to test the lights – a 2 mile long tunnel on the Hiawatha Trail. To say they blew away any other light out there (except some super spendy ones) doesn’t do it justice. The front and rear lights kept our son who is usually afraid of the dark (and tunnels) satisfied (which really says a lot!) It’s hard to get a photo to show it, but the photo below shows the brightness of just the rear light (great safety feature).


    WOOM City Bike Review


    Like all WOOM bikes, the City bike offers superb geometry, advantageous weight (so incredibly light, even with the dynamo), and quality components.


    The specs (directly from the WOOM site):

    Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.35.42 PM


    What we love:

    – Great geometry for easy riding

    -Lots of important lights and bells for safely riding in an urban setting

    -Rack on the back for attaching a backpack or other gear

    -Fenders to keep mud and dirt off the rider

    -Incredible light system that is self-powered and requires no maintenance.

    -Very light


    What we aren’t so crazy about:

    Truly the WOOM City is an incredible bike…but it’s certainly not for everyone. If you don’t always need the lights, fenders and rack on the back, you might as well spend $50 less and go with the WOOM 4. This is the perfect bike for kids commuting to school or around town daily.


    WOOM City Bike Review

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    The Bottom Line

    Another excellent bike from WOOM, geared specifically for urban kids or kids that want or need a light, fenders and rack on the back of their bike.

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      1. Auntie Janet says:

        The City bike reminds me of the kids bikes we saw in The Hague – with the rear rack. I collect my nephew from school (kindergarten) and would love to be able to have him cycle home, carrying his own backpack on his bike. (Currently we use my bike + Weehoo trailer.)

      2. I’ve thought a lot about whether to get a 4 or 4 City for my kiddos next birthday. We are in an urban area, but I also want to be able to take it on trails. I’m not sure if the city is just kind of overkill. She could just wear her backpack to school.

        • Robert Johnson says:

          My 5/6 yr old son had the Woom4 City for all of 1st grade, now last year. Because I knew we were cycling to school (including one steep hill) every day, I was happy to pay extra for the City extras, and I’m glad I did. The fenders mean that road mud doesn’t get on him or his bag – rain dries off during the day, mud does not disappear; carrying his backpack in a pannier on the rack is significantly more comfortable than wearing it, especially when standing up on the pedals and when it is hot; and the dynamo lighting makes surprisingly better visibility during the day, and never runs flat.

          For trails, I would point out that the rear deraillieur goes very close the road in 1st gear – it is level with the tire, it is so low. This might be in danger of getting caught by sticks or breaking off on BMX bowls. Also the riding position is very upright, which is great for steadily going to school every day, but maybe not for pulling up trails and ducking under things.

      3. This has so many great features! I love that the light is pedal powered…I don’t think I’ve seen that before in bikes.

      4. Do you have any recommendations for a similar “commuter” bike for kids? My 6 yo loves his Woom3 but I went to look at the Woom4 City as he is getting a bit large for it, and they are discontinued! The horror — I was hoping to get one for school commutes for him. Anyway, other than trying to outfit a new bike similarly, any suggestions?

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