Safe Babywearing Changes Lives

As I prepare to have Baby #3 in just a couple of months now (or weeks, because it is more fun to count like that), I often reflect on how much baby wearing has allowed us to continue to get outside and move with our kids.  This baby, too, will be worn most of the time out of pure necessity (and a desire for sweet baby snuggles too, of course!)

All 3 kids (aged 4, 2 and 28 weeks pregnant with #3)
All 3 kids (aged 4, 2 and 28 weeks pregnant with #3)


The benefits are endless and outlined both in scientific reports and my own personal list born from relief of having two hands free to care for the rest of my family AND a happy baby.  In case you missed it, check out this post we did previously about how we love how children connect to nature through baby wearing (and adventuring!)

Wearing P as a baby
Wearing P as a baby

I realized last week that I have become one of “those women”.  I am always checking out other people wearing their babies and occasionally will even approach someone who looks like they could have some help getting baby and carrier properly situated.  Luckily the response has been positive so far, because I often go away slapping my forehead and thinking “WHY would anyone want some complete stranger helping them adjust their baby in a grocery store???”  I guess it has just changed my life so much that I can’t help but share.  Boba has supplied us with a mini lending library of carriers to share with the community and I have found that getting people to try them is the best way to show how great they are.  **If you live close, I am happy to share!**

Here’s the thing, though.  I also wish I had an endless supply of loaners to provide relief to all those babies and wearers fighting the discomforts of a forward-facing carrier.  This is where the controversy starts, right?!? Bear with me…I think you and your baby will be surprised how comfortable wearing a healthy (and possibly heavy) baby can be.

I am an Ambassador for Boba because I believe in their philosophies AND their carriers.  They are one of the very few companies that completely endorse never wearing your baby facing out.  Here’s a great graphic showing some of the reasons why.  And yes, I too, had a baby that wanted to see the world.  And he managed just fine looking around from a safe carrier and snuggling with me.


The unfortunate thing is that the carriers that are MOST available on the market (via Target, WalMart or other box stores) tend to be forward-facing carriers that are not ergonomic.  The education on the subject is seriously lacking, in  my opinion.

When P was born, I did a lot of experimenting, both with “safe” forward-facing carriers (that keep babies in an ergonomic position with their knees above their hips) and carriers similar to the Boba.  While P did like facing out, he adapted very well to being kept more protected in a inward facing position.  He was more comfortable and content for longer periods of time, as was I wearing him.  Even now, at 28 weeks pregnant, I can comfortably wear P (at 2.5 years) for extended periods of time.


Make the Investment (and gain Freedom Together)

Yes, I know that quality and comfortable baby carriers are not cheap.  You can expect to spend a little over $100.  However, Boba is celebrating Black Friday with a 10% discount on all their carriers through their different retailers.  You can find a link listing those retailers on the Boba site.

**NOTE: Also, as a little teaser, we will be giving away a Boba 4G in the beginning of December…**

Listed below are our past reviews on Boba’s carriers.  Be assured that both are excellent and my favorites after testing out a bunch of different brands and styles.  I am happy to answer individual questions, too, about what may work for your family (I get emails asking almost every week so asking here in the comments may help someone else too!):


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Making helping everyone learn to ski a lot easier….
Making helping everyone learn to ski a lot easier….

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8 thoughts on “Safe Babywearing Changes Lives”

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Personally, I prefer the soft structured carriers because I can get them on and off faster…however, with this baby I plan on using a wrap at the beginning because it will still be winter. I do LOVE the FEEL of wraps for newborns, but I always got SO hot with my other ones (born in the late spring/summer months).
      I’m excited to try the 4G too – the newborn insert is much easier to use than the 3G. 🙂
      Thanks for reading!
      =) Amelia

  1. Amelia:
    Great article and illustration of the issue. I like the term “babywearing”. I never heard of the term and was curious as to what it meant.

  2. I like how you approached front facing carriers. I dont think enough people know the options out there because mainstream carriers are front facing. (pregnant with #2 now I still wear my 26lb 18mo on my back almost daily to get things done… it really is a life saver!) I’m sort of looking forward to wrapping with a nb in a few months though. I’d like to try it out since I’ve only used my ergo with my son.

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