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Labor day is almost here, and while we all appreciate the long weekend for that bonus camping trip, what we really appreciate are the deep discounts on adventure gear leading up to the holiday! There is so much good stuff on sale this week at REI that it’s hard to search through it all before the sale ends on September 2nd, so we’ve put together some of our favorite deals to help you find some great gear for your family. Thanks so much for shopping through these affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you a dime and helps support our mission to get families outside.

For the Kids

This is the first area I start shopping when the REI sale goes up. All that super cute, tiny gear made for little peoples… I just can’t resist it! Now is the time to stock up on the gear that will help those kiddos to enjoy the outdoors as much as you do. Remember to think ahead and plan for what your kiddos will need year-round!

Hiking Packs

Trekking Poles

Sleeping Bags



For Kids’ Feet

I’m devoting a section here solely (no pun intended) to kids footwear, because no matter how much we starve them they just WON’T STOP GROWING. The only way to avoid ending up in the poorhouse is to buy shoes on sale, especially when we want high quality gear, so here’s a list of sandals coming in under $25 and some hiking shoes and sneakers under $40:


Hiking Shoes and Sneakers

For Your Adventures

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just exploring the woods behind your house, here’s an assortment of deals on gear for your family’s next outdoor adventure:

4/6 Person Tents

Multi-Use Gear

Just For Mama

As with much of motherhood, we tend to take care of everyone else before we take of ourselves. But once you’ve got shoes on each child’s feet and a roof over everyone’s head, go ahead and allow yourself a squeal of delight over these deals that are just for you, mama:

Clothes and Jackets

Gear & Accessories

Happy shopping! And don’t forget: if you’re shopping at the REI Outlet, you can use code LABORDAY19 to get an extra 20% off one item!

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