Skirts for the Outdoor Gal

Skirts for the Outdoor Girl

Check out our summer 2014 ongoing feature as we round-up the best adventure skirts our there for girls that want to be “fun and flirty” while still scaling rocks, traveling the trails and enjoying the great outdoors.

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This post will be updated throughout the summer.

Skirts for the Outdoor Gal

2 thoughts on “Skirts for the Outdoor Girl”

  1. I love the discovery skirt. I had it in four colors, lost some weight and then bought it again in multiple colors in the text size down!

  2. I like the look of that Pippi skirt – that’s totally something I would wear. I have a bunch of hand-me-down golf skirts I ended up with and it turned out they are great for outdoors because – BUILT IN SHORTS! So you get the look of a skirt without worrying about climbing or sitting or cartwheeling or other skirt-wearing issues.

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