Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

This is a sponsored post. However, as always, we only accept sponsored posts for content we believe would be beneficial to YOU, our readers. We think they’re on to something here….

Get ready – sharing contact and social media info just got a LOT easier. The App, Swop, being released now for FREE, is the perfect way to quickly exchange information with people you meet while still maintaining your privacy.

Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

Here’s what it does:

The app allows you to quickly (like less than 3 seconds quickly) exchange information with someone else who also has the app. The idea is that you are meeting in person and then exchanging information.  The app helps you find other Swop members literally in your physical vicinity who you can then request and approve a swapping (or swopping) of your deets.
  • You choose what information you exchange for each person you Swop with (email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram)
  • No more searching for twitter handles, random Instagram names or obscure Facebook profiles/pages
  • Your privacy is withheld because you must approve and confirm any “Swopping” of information
  • All information is then easy to access in your phone under your contacts.
 Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

It’s incredibly simple, but could revolutionize meet-ups dramatically if it takes off.


How we will be using it:

Swop is actually first targeting the college crowd (which I personally think is ingenious), but, as an outdoor mom, I can see time and again where it will come in super handy for me too. Just one less thing to worry about when gathering people’s information.  Here’s just a few examples of opportunities for the app to be used for “people like us”:

  • For our new Hike it Baby Chapter to help exchange info for keeping in touch
  • For random people we meet who we want to share Tales of a Mountain Mama with
  • For swapping (or “swopping”) contact info with people we meet on the trail, playground or just out and about
  • For big trade shows (like Outdoor Retailer) <– this will be huge for us!
  • Any other time we just need to get someone’s contact information!

Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

Eventually I am told you will be able to set up groups on the app (even more handy for hiking groups, etc.), though that isn’t available in the beta version.

You can find the app in the iTunes store now. While it is only currently available for iOS users, the android version IS coming!


The one thing about this App is that it relies heavily on the fact that others are using it too. Now that it’s available for use, I will be spreading the word far and wide. I invite you to check it out, try it out and let me know what you think. I know they appreciate any feedback (especially from the non-college crowd), and I want to personally see it succeed!

Hike, Meet, Swop, Get Families Outside!

What do you think? Something you could use? 


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