7 Ways to Squeeze in Outdoor Time When Your Schedule is Tight!

    Busy, busy, busy. Aren’t we all? Places to be, things to, 10 million things that just never get done. I love all the fun we pack in, I hate that I have to work so hard to slow down (is that an oxymoron?!?) One big benefit of homeschooling is the ability to be able to […]

    Peace in the Backcountry and Grand Trunk Double Hammock Review

      I am completely enamored by the calm and peacefulness of the backcountry.  My soul sings when I can get away and find myself surrounded by just the distractions of nature.  Yes, invariably these years the sound of birds singing is offset by the happy (mostly) screams of my children and their questions and observations.  And […]

      National Hammock Day is NEXT Week!

        You don’t want to miss this opportunity! 🙂

        Take a little break….outside.

          If you are like us, life is crazy.  It’s busy, demanding and sometimes downright stressful.  The best thing to do is just laugh ourselves right through the ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean it is the easiest.  I find myself struggling often with getting caught up in the redirecting and teaching and scolding and […]