12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 8: Win from DucKsday, Stonz & KEEN

    Welcome to Day 8 of our annual 12 Days of Gear Giveaways! If you’re just finding us, be sure to click here to find all the giveaways. Have you seen this?!?! –> Be sure you check out our huge gift guide for gift ideas AND a little sneak peek into what is coming over the […]

    Winter Boots for Kids

      Over the past 7 years we have had SO many boots come through this house. And winter boots are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between a really good day and an outdoor “failure”. I will keep updating this post as we try out new boots over the years and really put […]

      12 Days of Giveaways Day 5: Dress Kids for Winter

        **Check here to keep up with all the giveaways for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways Event!** We get more questions on a regular basis about how to keep kids warm in the winter than anything else. We get it – it’s tough! We just published a post with some of our best recommendations for […]

        How to Keep Babies Warm

          So, this post isn’t JUST about keeping babies warm in the winter, but really all kids. It’s the question I get most often from parents – how do we keep kids warm and happy outside? After 4 kids (which is really the same as 10, right?!?!), I can tell you this: Kids are WAY more […]

          12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Day 11 (Stay Cozy & Warm!)

             ***Keep up with this entire event HERE*** Warm kids are happy kids. And happy kids = successful outdoor adventures and happy families. Obviously they still fuss and whine and have their days, but in general, we believe in good gear so fiercely because it often makes all the difference. Here’s our best posts about how […]

            Great Gear to Keep Kids Warm: 2014 – 2015 Edition

              We get questions all the time about what our kids are wearing and how we keep them warm. I’m always happy to share my thoughts on anything we put on our own kids, but try to reserve a final opinion until we’ve put it through some serious use, extreme temperatures and extended time outside. It’s […]

              12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 3: Keep Kids Warm and Dry

                In case you just found us, make sure you check out all of our giveaways as we celebrate 12 Days of Gear Giveaways here on the blog.  They are only open for 72 hours so you don’t want to miss any! Today is focused completely on keeping kids warm and dry.  We are featuring our […]

                Gear Giveaway Day #4: Covering Hands and Feet of Kids!

                  Today we’re talking covering hands and feet again (we think it is THAT important!)  In case you missed it Monday, make sure to check out our post about some other great gear (and you still have time to enter to win too!)  I wanted to show off a couple more companies that I feel have […]