Until Next Year #takeahike

    Thank you for joining us for the past 8 weeks as we hiked and gave away prizes and were inspired by YOU! We loved seeing your photos and reading your stories and feeling like we were hiking together. And you helped US get out on those weeks when we didn’t really feel like it (because […]

    *Bonus* LAST week of #takeahike

      **Winners have been announced! Please scroll down to see if it was you!**   We are seriously in the LAST week of #takeahike. Can you believe it??? I certainly can’t. Be sure to check back on the previous week’s challenges and see our winners here.  We sure do hope you keep on hiking – the […]

      Take a Hike Week #7 (Just a day late!)

        So sorry we are a day late starting this week – we’ll give you an extra day to hike too! Sometimes the opportunity to adventure comes up and the computer gets put on the back burner for just a little bit. We figured you would understand. However, here we go! The second to last week […]

        It’s Week #6 of #takeahike !

          **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!** It’s Week #6 and we love this challenge because it is up to YOU to show us how you are challenging YOURSELF. So, be sure to explain your photos as you share them with us (so we get the full story!) Be sure to read all […]

          Not to Late to Get Your #takeahike SWAG!

            The #takeahike challenge is not over yet, folks! We are going all the way through July with lots more opportunities to win big. In fact, we saved the biggest and most impressive prizes for the end. We hope you’re inspired to get out, bring a friend and trod that trail. We are loving the photos […]

            #takeahike Week 5: Get Some Elevation!

              **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see if it was you!!** Yep, we are STILL hiking!! And it’s awesome. Not only are you getting out, but you are helping challenge US too! Anyone thinking the hiking is getting easier and everyone is enjoying it just a little more? No?? Oh well – we all have […]

              Take a Hike and Pack a Picnic (#takeahike Week 4!)

                **WINNERS have been announced below! Scroll down to see if it was you!** One of the reasons we all love to hike is because it means we can eat more, right?! Well maybe not ALL of us, but around here, we love combining hiking with picnics (or at least heavy snacks). This week we want […]

                We hope you #takeahike with us this week! *Week 3*

                  **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!** Another Monday, another hiking challenge! This one was the toughest for me last year…because the trails around here just aren’t that DIRTY! Which is a really good thing. But, not everywhere is a National Park…and there are plenty of disrespectful people who leave their junk everywhere. […]

                  Join us for #takaeahike – Week 2!

                    **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see them!** WOW! We loved loved loved ALL you hikers this week! Rebecca and I were both blown away by all the great hiking photos we saw from all over the country. Thanks so much for taking the challenge, getting out on the trails, and joining in the fun. […]

                    Come #takeahike With Us! Week #1

                      **Winners have been announced! Scroll down to see if it was YOU! We were so inspired by your stories (hiking to deal emotionally with a miscarriage, hiking to lose weight and be healthier for your family), your SWAG, and your cute faces! Thank you for choosing to #takeahike with us! And keep on hiking!!**   […]