Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Doublewide Sleeping Bag

The BEST Sleeping Solution for Camping with Babies

Last November we spent a glorious few days camping in Moab as a family. And by days, I really do literally mean the days were glorious – the nights were the coldest I have EVER been. The biggest issue? I was trying to deal with a nursing baby AND trying to keep myself warm. It just doesn’t work in a mummy bag. After that trip I vowed to come up with something better before we did any more family camping. While there are a couple solutions out there, I knew I wanted something that wouldn’t take up a ton of room, was easy to haul AND could be used for years and years.

After learning about DownTek , I had my heart set on the King Solomon 15 Doublewide bag from Big Agnes. Big enough for two people (or two people and a baby, or me and kids, etc.), warm enough to keep us toasty in sub-freezing weather AND compact enough to travel with.

Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes generously sent us the bag along with two of their sleeping pads. I am not exaggerating when I say that this sleep system has changed my camping nights. It is large enough for the two of us AND the baby if needed, keeps me plenty warm, and packs up small enough to not make me think twice about hauling it, even backpacking. If we are hauling the gear in to backpack as a family (and right now that means with very young children), comfort and warmth is extremely important. It usually ends up being Mtn Papa carrying a lot of the gear and me carrying the baby and possibly food. So since he is carrying the sleeping gear anyway, it doesn’t mean more work (and actually is less work) for him to carry the doublewide.

Read more about the Big Agnes King Solomon Doublewide AND why it’s absolutely worth every penny here.


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2 thoughts on “The BEST Sleeping Solution for Camping with Babies”

  1. Oohhhh. We ae headed out today on our fourth or fifth camping trip with our baby ever (he’s nursing still) and we definitely could use this! He’s a real trooper, but we’ve yet r figure out a sleep system that works well for us..

  2. Rebecca Daavettila

    This is exactly what we needed when we went on a two week camping trip last summer when our little one was three months old. Definitely keeping this sleeping bag in mind!!

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