The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

Ladies, this one is for you. Men, if you’re reading, listen up for the sanity and well-being of your significant other!

Personally, I think a good bra is the number one thing to invest in for successful active pursuits. A poor-fitting bra really can mean the difference between being able to give your all and having to hold back. While it doesn’t happen SUPER often, there have been times when I’ve forgotten my sports bra and literally could not workout – it’s like forgetting your good shoes.

I also happen to have been a fan of Title Nine for years and years now – if only I had the money to purchase my complete wardrobe there….for now I’ll mostly stick to the bras and keep dreaming otherwise. I have become very partial to Moving Comfort (which Title Nine carries many styles of), but easily get confused when I am trying to find one that works. Throw in kids and pregnancy and nursing and still trying to stay active and I’m almost a lost cause.

Bring in Title Nine’s Bra Genie. It quickly asks some questions, plugs them in to their system and then lets you know which bras they would recommend for you. Need more help? T9’s “bravangelists” which can help you with an even more specific fit in-store, via phone or via live chat. Easy peasy!

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

These are the questions that you are asked on the Bra Genie system (and really helps narrow things down):

  • What size bra do you wear now that fits the best?
  • How much support do you need?
  • What kind of support do you like (compression vs. separation)
  • How much wicking do you need?
  • How do you feel about wires?
  • What’s your modesty level (AKA “headlights”)?

After doing the Bra Genie, I ended up calling and talking to one of their “bravangelists” – they really do know their stuff. AND they helped me find a bra that would work, even in the first few months of pregnancy. I intend to stay active and support becomes even more essential as time goes on.

Surprise, surprise, we finally narrowed it down to the Moving Comfort “7 Wonders Bra”. It’s a full on “trap” keeping everything locked down, with a little padding for modesty. I also went with the print…just because it’s more fun that way. Image below courtesy of Title Nine.

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

Here’s my quick run-down of the 7 Wonders~

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

Quick stats:

  • Size range: 32c- 40dd
  • 3 prints (and various solid colors available too)
  • 5 barbell rating (so most support)
  • $60 cost <– an investment in a bra you plan on wearing a lot for many years!

Best for:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Rough roads biking
  • Hot or cold weather (because wicking is important in both)

What I like:

  • The best support I’ve ever had
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that come off completely so I COULD nurse in it (see image below)
  • Super great pattern
  • Wicks very well and stays comfortable
  • Good coverage – no cleavage issues

What I am not so crazy about:

  • The biggest downside? It’s a beast to get on. And I knew that when I got it, but decided to go for support more than convenience. BUT, if you’re changing in a locker room or something – it takes some serious dancing to get into. It has to go over your head and THEN you can fasten the 4 clasps in the back. You have to be a little flexible….
  • It’s comfortable, but not a bra you’re going to wear all day long (I KNOW I am not the only one who does that sometimes….) You wear it for the support and comfort while being active – but I’m always ready to change when I am done sweating.

The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway

A couple snippets about Title Nine..and bras..

  • They have great customer service
  • You can return anything you need to within a year
  • Their catalogs are oh so inspiring – to get out and move AND wear cute clothes…
  • When it comes to sports bras, most women don’t wear the right size because they can’t find the right size.  This is where the women of Title Nine come in. They’ve tested thousands of bras and found just the right ones to support our workouts and our curves, whether you’re a 32AA or a 40EEE. No woman left behind.

Win a Title Nine Bra of your Own!

I’m so thrilled Title Nine wants to help one of YOU get in the perfect bra too! One lucky winner will either get an in-store fitting or a phone conversation to help them choose the best bra.

As usual, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter to win. The winner will be emailed and announced on this post in the Rafflecopter Widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  This giveaway is open to the U.S. only. Winner agrees to receive the Title Nine email newsletter.

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42 thoughts on “The Importance of a Good Sports Bra + Title Nine Giveaway”

  1. I went to a Title 9 store to buy a bra, when I was pregnant. {It’s really hard to find a good fitting bra when EVERYthing is changing so fast!} The woman who helped be was beyond amazing! I was so grateful. It was one of the few positive experiences I’ve had buying a bra. LOVE Title 9.

  2. Being fairly full on top, there were only two bras that Title Nine carried in my size.

    If selected, I would love to try out the Hallelujah Bra

  3. A sports bra you can nurse in!!!!! Is it tricky, though? I find myself fumbling with even nursing bras sometimes so throw in a sweaty situation… nursing and exercise is just tough.

  4. “Updated Cuz She Says So” in the HOT Coral Red! Because even though I am an outdoorsy girl …underneath it all I am still a “girly girl” who needs her girls supported properly to keep them perky and happy! 😉

  5. If I won, I would share with a special friend. Taking the quiz – guessing at most answers – I would suggest to her the “7 Wonders Bra”.

  6. I only have one of these, and I absolutely love it! I even asked for some for my birthday! I am hiking the Appalachian Trail soon and I would love to have some of these for my six month adventure!!

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