The Numbers Don't Matter....

The Numbers Don’t Matter….

The Numbers Don't Matter....

I am less than 20 weeks out from meeting my fourth child. My other three are aged 6 and under. I am no stranger to meltdowns, tantrums, attitudes, nor epic drama that only toddlers can seem to muster up the strength for. Like any mama, I often end the day relieved we all made it through and a little shell-shocked. Chocolate is my friend and silence is golden (at least after bedtime).

Also like any parent of more than two kids, I get plenty of comments around the lines of “boy, you have your hands full!”

Yes, yes, I do. Obviously. Don’t rub it in unless you are reaching a hand to help out.

Something about “larger families” really gets to people these days. While I am far from having 15 children, the looks I get from people suggest that it’s pretty much the same thing. What could I possibly be thinking to voluntarily put myself through so much work??

But, here’s the thing: those numbers really don’t matter. Every parent has their hands full. Every parent is thrown into a sudden reality of the fact that their life is no longer their own. Every action they make matters to someone else, for better or for worse……


You can read the rest of the post over at Bonbon Break – featured as part of their CONNECT theme for November. I’d love you to weigh in – how big is your family and does it make a difference??

There’s tons of other great posts there too…something for everyone.


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2 thoughts on “The Numbers Don’t Matter….”

  1. I saw this phrase a while ago and loved it : “if you think my hands are full you should see my heart.” Yes, life is busy when you have kiddos (or even when you don’t) but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! We only have two (and two dogs!) – sometimes I think I’d love more and other days I think I’d be nuts to add to the chaos. Regardless – enjoy the ones you have and best wishes on the new addition!!

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