Adventure Through the Holidays - Visit a Park!

Adventure Through the Holidays – Visit a Park!

So, here’s the deal – once this week gets going, we all sort of throw our hands up in the chaos of the holidays (with good reason, of course) and let our exercise and outdoor time slide. And then our bodies, minds AND relationships suffer for it.

We’re hoping that we can all inspire each other a little bit through a series of challenges from now through New Years to just get out and make some memories.


It’s super easy. Just pick 4 of the 7 challenges we have listed HERE, do them over the course of the next 7 weeks and then fill out the form when you’re done. Honor system and easy peasy. Then we’ll pick some winners and announce them on January 9th! Again, check out all the details here.

Oh and be watching the blog for posts every Sunday to help give you some ideas on how to make it happen AND what you could win!

Finally – tell your friends! We love seeing people get out!


Challenge #1: Visit a State Park, National Park or National Forest

“The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Visiting our Parks isn’t JUST something to do in the summer. In fact, sometimes they are the most majestic in the winter. We have a bit of a unique angle living in Yellowstone, but I will say that I much prefer the off-season to anything in the middle of summer!

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Less People
  2. More wildlife
  3. A completely unique and different perspective

Because of views like this:

Adventure Through the Holidays - Visit a Park!

And this:

Adventure Through the Holidays - Visit a Park!

And this:

Adventure Through the Holidays - Visit a Park!

A few ideas of what to DO in the Parks:

  • Sightsee (obviously)
  • Take photos
  • Go skiing
  • Hike
  • Take a guided tour or expedition/adventure
  • Show your kids!
  • Have some hot chocolate and say CHEERS! to getting out.


So get out this holiday season and explore an old favorite or something new. You can find your nearby National Parks here. And be sure to search your state parks and visit your nearby National Forests.

And be sure to check out all the details HERE for our Adventure Through the Holidays Challenge!!


Secrets of the National Parks Books from the National Park Trust

We’re pretty psyched that, thanks to the National Park Trust, we will be giving out TEN of these great books to some lucky winners who join us for Adventure Through the Holidays!



The book is gorgeous and the perfect guide for getting out!

In case you’re new to the National Park Trust, they work super hard to get families outside (which is why they’re such a great fit for us!)

“The National Park Trust, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is dedicated to preserving parks today and creating park stewards for tomorrow. We are the nation’s only organization dedicated to the completion and the full appreciation of our National Parks by identifying key land acquisition and preservation projects and connecting kids to these unique and iconic places. It is critically important to engage young people with our treasured natural areas and cultural and historic sites – because kids need parks and parks need kids.”

Definitely save the date for Kids to Parks Day 2017 on May 20, 2017. There are tons of great activities for kids and a great way to connect our future to our Parks.

Kids to Parks


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