More Time Outside and Less Time in the Kitchen

I feel a bit sheepish saying this, but sometimes the hardest part of getting out family out on adventures is planing food. Food for beforehand, food for during and food ready when we get home.

Some pretty awesome adventure days have ended in a really stressful dinner situation because I simply didn’t plan ahead. The crew comes home hangry and I’ve got nothing.

OR I choose to skip out on a spontaneous evening outing just to get dinner ready and get tired kiddos to bed. I spend hours and hours in the kitchen…and, despite some help from the rest of the family, it easily turns into the most stressful part of my day.

I’d really rather be heading out on a bike ride at 4 pm with the crew to ward off a nasty bout of the witching hour, but until I found Wildtree that really was rarely possible.

What is Wildtree? So glad you asked. I think you’ll love it just as much as this outdoor family has. It’s meant LESS time in the kitchen and MORE time outside while maintaining a healthy diet for our family.

Wildtree is:

  • Thoughtful Ingredients.
  • Wholesome Products.
  • Mindful Meals.

They provide meal planning solutions to help take the brain-work out of shopping, prepping, planning and serving meals. The products are all certified organic and are free of any “junk”.

Wildtree does NOT contain any of the following:

While there are more options besides these, their freezer meal kits are what have saved my sanity. I spend a couple hours prepping for the month, and then pull meals out of our freezer when we need one (which is almost every day).

It has meant more of this:

and this:

We also often take the meals camping with us, which means less grumpy kids because they are eating junk over the weekend (win, win!)

The freezer meal kits come with shopping lists, prep checklists and instructions, labels for the bags and all the spices and oils you need. You provide the perishable items (which means you can choose which meats and veggies you put in!)

Allergies in your family? Don’t check out yet. We have something that will work for you too (which is why it is SOOO great!)

On a tight budget? When I do all the math, these meals cost us about $3/serving. AND the brainwork is all done for me. Have a I mentioned these have completely saved my sanity???

Check it out here!

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