Women Gearing Up for Summer

Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway

We are in the height of the summer…..and heat! Honestly, not my favorite time of the year. I would much rather be cold than hot….and I despise applying (and reapplying) sunscreen on myself and my kids.

This summer I rounded up my favorite go-to styles and products that have helped me stay cool, get out AND limit having to wear sunscreen. They also include some that I think are great for keeping the bugs away. If you don’t know, I am also 34 weeks pregnant with Baby #5 and very much over maternity clothing. So, in most of these, I just sized up and wear them comfortably now. This round we are featuring styles form Columbia, White Sierra, Mountain Khakis, Pistil, Purple Rain, Toad&Co. & Craghoppers.

Women Gearing Up for Summer

I also am always ALWAYS on the lookout for great outdoor clothing for women, so please do comment with your favorites too so I can add them! There is no way I could cover all the great gear that is out there in one post (but I love you giving me your suggestions!) Plus, I am not wearing many pants/shorts these days, so need your suggestions!

And before I get going, here’s a coupon for White Sierra! Use code MAMA33 for 33% everything on their site!: https://www.whitesierra.com/

Also, I’m going to save you all from a billion photos of myself. Be sure to check out the descriptions of each item, though, where I go into more detail on how they fit, etc.


Favorite sun/wicking shirts:

Women Gearing Up for Summer

  1. Columbia Trail Strike Shirt: $100 I really like this one because it has a bit of stretch in it AND a zippered pocket in the front that I can throw even my bigger iPhone 7 into. Lightweight, perfect for dunking in the river and wearing wet, and easy to roll up the sleeves if you prefer that.
  2. White Sierra Gobi Desert Shirt $40: This one is pretty similar to Columbia’s Trail Strike in that it has UPF 30, is very lightweight and comfortable and has roll up sleeves. There are no pockets on it, but it’s also a much better price-point too!
  3. Columbia PFG Zero Long Sleeve Shirt &
  4. Short Sleeve version $40: I really, really love this one and wear it all the time (in both versions). It has the Columbia Omni-Freeze ZERO technology to keep you cooler, and I swear by it. I stay cooler in these than any other shirt I own (including the two above). It’s also super soft, washes really well (which says a lot for those light colors) and keeps me comfortable. Also available for men and kids!
  5. White Sierra Odor Free Striped Tee $30: While this one doesn’t have sun protection in it necessarily, it is great for wicking and staying comfortable while playing outside, adventuring and looking cute too. I love that it’s just a bit longer for more coverage and it’s stretchy for ease of movement.

Women Gearing Up for Summer

Favorite Bug-Free Shirts:

Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway

  1. White Sierra Bug-Free Henley: This one doesn’t work super awesome pregnant, but it seems to be fairly effective at keeping bugs at bay, which I really appreciate! I look forward to wearing it more when I am baby-bump free!
  2. Craghoppers Astrid Cardigan (find on Amazon here): I wear this one a ton too. While I have had a mosquito bite me through it, I think it general it does keep the bugs away much more than without it. I like that I can just throw it on over whatever I am wearing and have a little more coverage from the elements in general.
  3. White Sierra Bug Free Trail Hoody: Just a little more protection with a hood and long sleeves for when the bugs are swarming at dusk and dawn!
  4. Bug Free Multifunctional Headwear: Ok, so this isn’t a shirt, but can be used in SO many ways and is the perfect addition to camping when you don’t want to do your hair anyway….


Favorite bottoms/dresses:

Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway


  1. Columbia All Who Wander Skirt (or buy here on Amazon): This one is super soft and stretchy. It does tend to cling a bit and is more of a pencil skirt. But, I like that I have full range of motion in it and can layer it under other tunics, dresses and shirts.
  2. Mountain Khakis Solitude Maxi: I’m all about the Maxi dresses right now. I get compliments on this one all the time. It’s comfy and wears well. My only gripe? It requires a bra that crosses in the back. Even sizing up, I don’t feel like it’s too long (and I am on the short side!)
  3. Mountain Khakis Go Time Dress: SUPER comfortable and soft – this one is like wearing a long tee shirt all the time. I often layer it over the Wander skirt just because I prefer a little extra length right now.
  4. PFG Reel Beauty Maxi II Dress: This is the other one I wear a couple times a week.  Omni-Wick technology, SPF 15 and a super comfortable feel. I think I’ll get it in another color next year too.
  5. Nuu-Muu Ruu: While this post is all about women, I have to say that my 3 year old daughter wears her Nuu-Muu dresses literally almost every day. They’re perfect for wicking, staying comfortable and cool and layering up. I see them more of a long tunic than an actual dress, but you can do just about everything in them (I always pair them with shorts or leggings).
  6. Purple Rain Skirt: This one remains my favorite outdoor skirt. I had Mandy from Purple Rain make me a custom one that’s just a few inches longer, and I love the extra coverage while maintaining freedom of movement. It also has the best quick-dry AND big pockets for carrying what I need!
  7. Toad&Co. Montauket Long Skirt (Buy on Amazon here): Just enough stretch and super comfortable fabric, a slit for keeping cool, my favorite waistband and a flattering pattern. Oh how I love thee, Toad&Co! Perfect for dressing up or down.

Women Gearing Up for Summer


Women Gearing Up for Summer

  1. Columbia Global Adventure Sun Hat: So this one is the only one I have pictured that is more of woven than the others, but it still has a wicking band and I have folded it up and beat it up and it’s going strong. The only thing to note is that it does come in sizes, and apparently I have more of a larger head than smaller (so should have sized up!)
  2. Pistil Highland Hat: Super comfortable, lightweight and wicking! The brim isn’t too super huge, but I feel like it gives adequate coverage. You can seriously do anything to this hat and it won’t mess it up!
  3. Pistil Tish: If you prefer more of a cap style, this one is cute and comes in a couple of colors. The holes do allow a bit more airflow, but on really hot days, I do still get hot in it. I also get tons of compliments on it when I wear it.
  4. Pistil Mina: I LOVE this one. Very similar to the highland, but a wider brim. I call it my “Aussie” hat because I feel like it’s straight from the Outback. Very comfortable for wearing all day long!
  5. Sunday Afternoons Quest Hat: I have had this one for years actually and still wear it often. Breathes well, floats well and has that under chin strap that is breakaway for safety.
  6. Mountain Khakis Bison Patch Trucker Hat: Totally a favorite MKs hat. Kids steal it from me constantly and it’s the perfect Wyoming hat…..which draws a lot of attention, which is not always welcome! Like all MKs hats, very comfy and breathes well!

Women Gearing Up for Summer


Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway

Today we get to give some gear away to THREE lucky winners. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  1. $75 gift card to Mountain Khakis
  2. Pistil Highland Hat (photo above)
  3. Pistil Mina Hat (photo below)

Women Gearing Up for Summer

As usual, please use the widget below to enter to win. The winners will be emailed and announced on this post in the widget. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me at mountainmamatales(at)gmail(dot)com so I can help!  This giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada.

Also, don’t forget this coupon code for White Sierra! Use code MAMA33 for 33% everything on their site!: https://www.whitesierra.com/

Gear up Women for Summer Giveaway

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Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway

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80 thoughts on “Women Gearing Up for Summer + Giveaway”

  1. I finally found convertible pants and shorts from Columbia available in plus size that fit! Still ordered up a size but they worked great in Utah this summer!

  2. I am in love with the dri-fit cloths. Under Armour is my favorite. Asics would run a close 2nd. Then I do have a few Nike items. And for item to wear around the house Dansko sells some nice cloths and they are a whole lot cheaper.

  3. I got on the subject of cloths and didn’t answer the question, LOL. I have been going alot of hiking and my new love is the geo caching. Here in the mountains they are everywhere and nothing better than hiking miles to find a treasure.

  4. I was LITERALLY just looking for a new sun hat! I like anything with UPF. Since I moved to Colorado I am all covered up all the time. I have a hooded sun shirt I like from Eddie Bauer but they no longer make them. I’d like to get any other hooded sun shirts. I need to get some long UPF pants or tights, so far just been using whatever’s in my closet, mostly cheap things that stink instantly 😉 Thinking about merino wool for when I do thru hikes someday.
    For kids I am happy there are fun sun shirts now…nothing like that at all when I was little.
    I learned about Mountain Khakis from a post about National Park rangers’ favorite clothes…unfortunately the pants recommended didn’t come in women’s sizes, but I do have a pair of their Cruiser pants that I like. Haven’t been in the field with them much yet, they are great for office!
    Thanks Mountain Mama!

  5. Ok…I didn’t even realize they made skirts specifically for hiking…blame mommy brain lol. I love the idea of the wicking dress for the kids since eventually they turn into tunics and tank tops. Those hats all look awesome on you Amelia!! My part time job this summer is in the field all day, so I get a lot of exercise and a lot of chances to try out bug repellent clothing lol. I like any zip off pants that actually fit my thighs, which are almost impossible to find, but I do have a pair from Eastern Mountain Sports that are ok. Happy trails y’all and thanks for the chance to win some great gear 🙂

  6. Thanks for all of these recommendations. I am a much bigger fan of skirts and dresses as well, and I am very interested in bug repellant clothing because I am so sick of scratching!!

  7. I think Under Armour Womens Inlet Shorts are the perfect mama shorts. They are easy to clean, comfortable, and durable.

  8. I love the bug protective clothing and the dresses! The perfect combination of cute clothing that is functional!

    1. I’ve worn a lot of Nike over the years but would love to support smaller companies. Oiselle is geared primarily toward runners but I’d really like to try some of their clothes.

  9. I like wearing Capri pants with either a tank top or a regular top. I’m not overly picky on what I wear outside. I have worn pants but I prefer Capri’s.

  10. Christopher Sorel

    My wife took a bug protective shirt of mine and want one so I can have mine back.. Love Mountain Khakis shorts

  11. yes I did take my husband insect since the mosquitos were bothering me much guess I need to get me my own and I do like a nice light dress from patagonia

  12. Black fly bites have a tendency to ruin my fun for a week, so I’ve been wearing these awesome linen blend pants from prana when I hike or spend a day playing in the forest, or at a mtn lake. They are bright purple, have a super comfy waistband, and keep the bugs away! Even on warmer days (mid to upper 80’s) I’m comfortable because they breathe really well.

  13. Diane Richards

    I’m lucky enough to have a Columbia factory outlet store about 45 minutes from my house.

    They will have decent deals on plus sizes. I really like their convertible pants, when they have them. I also got some great deals on jackets, too.

    Since I am allergic to just about every sunscreen on the market (zinc oxide is as bad as paba for my skin), I never hike with a skirt or shorts.

  14. Jennifer Chomiak

    I really love clothes that wick away perspiration to keep you cool. I have just started hiking and bought a great top from Mountain Warehouse (in Canada). It is made of IsoCool fabric. As for the bottoms, I love wearing nylon shorts. They are both comfortable and light weight. 🙂

  15. Thanks to your earlier recommendations my summer wardrobe seems to consist mostly of skirts! I love the Purple Rain one, and the Horny Toad Chaka skirt is awesome! Comfortable waistband, nice length, and great for lounging around and hiking.

  16. love dresses 2 and 4, I havent had a sun dress in ages…I should have bought one last yr when I had all that surgery so that the stitches wouldn’t have been aggravated but it was emergency surgery so I had no extra money for that (and IE sucks , lol I literally paid more in taxes off my paychq every two weeks then I got back from them)

  17. I love my Columbia PFG (Premium fishing gear) pants because they’re very lightweight, can roll up if you want, and dry really quickly. I don’t fish in them but they’re great for hiking. Coincidentally, I love my Columbia button down shirt too, same material as the pants. I wear it to work and everything just because there’s no ac.

  18. I really don’t have any budget for outdoor gear so I shop mostly second hand with an occasional find on clearance racks. I love my convertible pants and Columbia sun hat I found at Kohl’s for $3.

  19. Pants have always been a struggle to find something I love and is long enough on my 5′ 11″ frame and then I found the Halle pant by Prana. I’m SO in love with these pants I have 2 pairs now! They are crazy comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing yoga pants, but look great and I’ve worn them for everything from hiking, to dinners, to work. They have short, regular and long length options, and they conveniently roll up and snap to be a Capri length too! Can’t rave enough about these pants 😉

  20. Obviously I’m totally late to the party but congrats on your newest upcoming addition! I like that Columbia dress. I might just have to order one. The best part is that it’s on sale 🙂

  21. I never thought to hike in a skirt until I read it on a thru hike blog. I like one from Eddie Bauer’s Travex line. Their sizing is curvy girl friendly, no maternity options though.
    A friend got a maternity climbing harness recently—blew me away that a company would make them!!

  22. I never thought to hike in a skirt until I read it on a thru hike blog. I like one from Eddie Bauer’s Travex line. Their sizing is curvy girl friendly, no maternity options though.
    A friend got a maternity climbing harness recently—blew me away that a company would make them!! (In a good way!)

  23. my fave go to that I currently own is my Prana grey capris, oh so comfy and quick dry.
    i would love to have the women’s cora dress and emma shirt from mountain khakis

  24. Capri pants are a nust for going outside in the summer and a nice tank top to go with it, if going through park trails I like a light outter long sleeve shirt to keep the bugs from biting me, since I live in a small town we only have Walmart to shop at so I buy quite a few of the George brand clothing

  25. I have White Sierra converti ble pants that I just love. And a pull over sun shirt? I didn’t know that was a thing, so sign me up! The bugs really love me, so that would really help with that.

  26. Rebecca Daavettila

    I LOVE dresses and skirts for the summer… but dresses are a little harder to maneuver while breastfeeding. I have been very close to ordering a Nuu-Muu dress! So this summer I have been wearing a black skort everywhere(I don’t know the brand, I bought it used ). I have a pair of Clamber pants from Title Nine that have an awesome waistband! Think thick and stretchy! So they can be worn as your size/shape changes. They were the best for postpartum months! They are also made in shorts but I only have the pants. As for shirts, I haven’t found something that I love… I’m still searching!

  27. Jessica Cardwell

    I’ve had several Outdoor Research hats that do the job, but not sure I like how they look on me, I may need to try one of these instead. I just hiked in Colorado in a similar White Sierra long sleeved shirt and loved how light weight and sun protective it was. Certainly a good option! As for bottoms, my favorite has been Patagonia lightweight pants that can be rolled up into capris. I’m not sure the specific name of the pant, but they are wonderful. I’m also a fan of Mountain Hardware shorts.

  28. I have been meaning to try a bug proof shirt. The Craghoppers looks like the one to try thank you.
    I like Columbia Saturday Trail pants that are good for plus sizes that I’ve had for a while, I would recommend them. They have shirts that look nice too that are in lots of sizes.

  29. I always enjoy seeing what you find. There are products I would never know about otherwise. Thank you.

  30. My favorite thing when camping & hiking in the summer is clothing from The North Face, specifically their hoodie vest & stretch shorts! The bug protective clothing featured here is something new to me & is so exciting! Would love to try it next camping trip!

  31. Samantha Martin

    I would love to win I love your style in clothes thank you so much for this chance you are amazing sweet and a blessing 🙂

  32. Sarah K Masters

    I have a skort from Woman Within that I love. It doesn’t ride up and the skirt part makes me look put together. It’s breathable and goes with everything.

  33. I have lots of t-shirts in different colors and I wear with them comfortable stretchy shorts or denim shorts depending on what I’m doing or where I’m going.

  34. Women’s Sierra Point Shorts they look comfortable for when I am outside trying to get things done in the yard and the Women’s Odor Free Day Tour Striped Tee to match..

  35. I like to buy Under Armour for both my family and I and I also buy a lot of basketball shorts and yoga pants as well.

  36. Any breathable cotton t-shirt and a cool cargo shorts with pockets to carry many items and tools and a comfortable pair of sketchers and a nice sun visor to shield me from the sun are my go to outdoor wear.

  37. I love tshirts! They are comfy they don’t get too hot. And no one wants to feel restricted in tight clothes when your being active. Closed toe canvas shoes are perfect too.

  38. I like to wear long sleeves shirts to protect against bugs, and patagonia pants are comfiest I’ve found.

  39. My shorts a non white tank that hides dirt easy an slide on croc style shoes comfy for yard work but dont have a hat, love the hat’s

  40. A tank top for sure cause I get hot so easy and light weight shorts and shoes with low cut socks. Thanks for the chance, would love to win

  41. vanessa martinez

    Living in Florida less is best. Shorts, tank. But after reading the comments learning about a lot of brands

  42. I would love a really good pair of hiking boots, and several really good pairs of socks to go with them!

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