Woom 1 Plus Review

My kids LOVE balance bikes, even after they have already mastered pedals (in our home historically, it has been between almost 3 years old and 3.5 years, which is still mind-boggling to me).

So while even though my 4 year old has been riding pedals for well over a year, she is thrilled to zip around on the WOOM 1 Plus.

Woom 1 Plus Review

What it is: The Woom 1 Plus is a slightly larger bike than the Woom 1 (14″ tires vs 12″ tires). It is built for kids around ages 3-4.5, but my petite 7 year old isn’t afraid to grab it and play around too. In fact, the kids tend to fight over it when they’re biking around the neighborhood. It is lightweight, a perfect bike to get comfortable with balance and riding and has more room to grow in than the Woom 1. That said, I’ve tested it with a few 2.5 year olds and, while they can technically ride it, it’s simply too big for them to be able to master balance bike skills on, and definitely would frustrate any kid under 3 just learning.

The photo below shows the Woom 1 Plus next to the Woom 1.

Woom 1 Plus Review

The Quick Stats:

  • 14″ tires
  • 9.81 lbs
  • Minimum Seat Height 14.76″
  • Maximum Seat Height 18.5″
  • Light and high quality A-6061 Aluminum frame
  • Super light Soopa-Doopa-Hoops Aluminum rims
  • Hand brakes designed for small hands with a 19 mm diameter

What we love:

  • Geometry meant to keep a child more upright to gain confidence while learning.
  • Wide handlebars and small grips for balance and fitting small bodies
  • Handbrake to begin to learn how to use them at a young age before pedals (so as to skip a coaster brake altogether)
  • Steering Limiter: “The rubber ring stabilizes the steering and supports riding in a straight line. This prevent unnecessary accidents when learning to ride.”
  • Super light weight allowing kids the ultimate ease of movement
  • “Surfboard” footrest for effortless gliding <– my kids’ favorite feature
  • Comfortable and durable seat
  • Quick release seat clamp that is easy enough for kids to use <– my kids use it ALL the time as they change between riders
  • Color coded green right handbrake matches with the rear brake to learn to use that one first
  • All terrain tires

What we aren’t so crazy about:

  • While have had no issues with it, I could see the Surfboard being a bit wide for petite 3 year olds. That said, my kids love that there is room for their shoes to actually fit on it while feeling comfortable and stable

Woom 1 Plus Review

Bottom Line:

Like all Woom Bikes, the Woom 1 Plus is a fantastic, well-built bike with thoughtful attention to details for kid riders. If you have a child nearing age 3 (or wearing a 3t pants), we recommend starting with the Woom 1 Plus opposed to the Woom 1.

Note: Price shock? Yes, it really is worth the price tag, BUT also check out Woom’s UpCycle program!!

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