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Our Mission: More families outside. 

Tales of a Mountain Mama aims to help inspire families to get outdoors and adventure, even with young children.

We share our stories from out on the trails, in the woods, and in the mountains, while providing tips and tricks on how to get out.

We also happen to be big believers in the fact that sometimes an investment in great gear is a worthwhile step in helping getting the entire family out.

Tales of a Mountain Mama has been the go-to source for families looking for honest and thorough reviews for over eight years.

Most importantly, you’ll notice that we are just a bunch of normal families getting out there and showing that it is possible!

About Amelia and her family

Amelia writes from Grand Teton National Park where she lives with her husband and five young children.

Amelia started TMM in 2011 after the birth of her second child.  She realized that for her own sanity, she needed to be able to continue to get out and adventure, even as their family expanded.

She made a new commitment to get out every day with her kids (and husband, of course) and began to write about it.  Hence the birth of Tales of a Mountain Mama.  

She is also a long-time “gear head” and strongly believes that good gear is essential to happy adventures (because there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!).

Amelia works hard to thoroughly test and review gear and is known as the authority in outdoor kid reviews.

About the Team

This team of dynamic women come together to help make the Tales of a Mountain Mama fully rounded in our expertise. 

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