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Gear Reviews

Welcome! I’m so glad that you’re here in my favorite section of the blog!

I am a big believer in the fact that an investment in great gear is a worthwhile step in helping get the entire family out.

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Best family tents

Best Family Tents for 2022

Best family tents for backpacking and car camping for 2022 Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro, your first tent or your newest upgrade …
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Three boys pose on a large puddle that has frozen over.

Reima Shoes Review

Reima Shoes Review I have four boys who are notoriously hard on gear, especially shoes.  That makes shoes a little tricky and always a pain to …
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WeeDo Commando Jacket

WeeDo Funwear Review

WeeDo Funwear perfectly blends the worlds of function and fashion with their extremely well-build, one-piece snowsuits. Believe me when I say they thought of everything …
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Barefoot Winter Boots

Minimalist Winter Boots for the Whole Family When many people think winter footwear the images that come to mind are big thick clunky boots. For footwear …
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The lifehandle is laying on the ground. It is a gray strap, similar to a backpack strap, with reflective strips. It has a silicone handle at the bottom, with a fabric loop handle and a carabiner at the end of it.

Lifehandle review

What is the Lifehandle? The Lifehandle is a versatile sling that allows you to carry gear, equipment, and even kids with a little more ease. It …
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Lululemon for outdoorsy women

Get Outside with lululemon

lululemon for Outdoorsy Women “lululemon, isn’t that a fruit?” are the first words I remember my husband uttering after hearing of lululemon for the first time. …
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Best Water Shoes for Kids

Best Water Shoes for Kids It’s summer time. You’ve reached that glorious season of parenting when your kids (hopefully) want nothing more than to be …
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