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Best Winter Boots for Kids 2021

Best Winter Boots for Kids 2021

Over the past 12 years we have had SO many kid boots come through this house. Some have been fantastic at keeping our kids’ warm during a cold winter and others have been ones we just didn’t keep around. Winter boots for kids’ feet are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between a really good day and an outdoor “failure”.

As parents, it’s so important that we can trust our gear is keeping kids safe and warm. Winter boots that really keep kids’ feet warm in all weather conditions are a worthwhile investment.

We’ve gathered the best children’s snow boots here that our kids use for snowball fights, building snow forts, and all-day winter outdoor play. They are ones we use and trust for different conditions and needs. Truth be told – winter is long here and our kids each own at least two pairs of boots, but that isn’t possible or necessary for most children.

Looking for more information on gear we recommend to keep kids warm all winter? Check out our round-up of best winter gear for kids here.

Need help understanding specifically HOW to dress your kids and babies to keep them warm? This post on best practices for layering for kids should help!

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How to Keep Feet Warm

First of all, it’s important to discuss why not ALL boots work for all kids or all climates. I wish it were more black and white than it is, but the truth is that there are a lot of factors that go into keep little feet warm in the cold.

Wool socks are great, but not all socks are made the same, just like not all feet are the same. Look for socks that fit snuggly, contour to your child’s foot and are padded, but not too bulky.

Bulky, ill-fitting socks tend to bunch and actually inhibit circulation to feet, which is key. A liner + wool sock is great, but doubling up on thick socks or layering cotton + wool actually can make your feet colder.

We’ve lined out our best tips in this post for keeping feet warm (because, yes, it deserves it’s own post!)

Which winter boots are the warmest?

The boots below all have a different temperature rating. Remember this is a bit of a guess since factors such as what socks you wear in the boots, how cold the child runs in general, and relative humidity all play a part. For really cold temperatures, it’s imperative that kids wear dry, wool socks that aren’t too tight as mentioned above.

On the coldest of days, we personally love using sustainable and reusable foot warmers like these from Aurora Heat. Use code “mtnmama” to receive two free kids’ foot/hand warmers.

Children’s snow boots come in a variety of different temperature ratings, styles, and heights. Take into consideration the conditions your kids are out in the most. You want boots that will last at least one full winter season, though the ones listed here should be able to be worn for multiple seasons.

Discounts for winter gear for kids

We are proud to be able to offer exclusive discounts to help get kids geared up more affordably! Thanks for using the following codes to make your purchases (and save you money!)

  • Stonz: Use code “mtnmama” for 15% off
  • KEEN: Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off
  • REIMA: Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off
  • Aurora Heat (foot warmers): Use code “mtnmama” to receive two free hand/foot warmers for kids (a $35 value)

Best Winter Snow Boots for Kids

Baffin Snowgoose

  • Rated to -76 degrees Fahrenheit

These boots are THE warmest which makes them excellent for very cold and dry weather. However, they are bulky, so if you don’t need the warmth, these aren’t for you. They do have a removable liner, but still take a long time to dry if they get really wet.

If you have really cold snaps and want super warm boots, we recommend these and a less bulky pair too.

Baffin Cheree

  • Rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit

The Cheree are less warm than the Snogoose, but also less bulky. They have great traction and keep little feet very warm.

Available in toddler, little and big kid sizes.

Best Winter Boots for Kids
Happy Alaska kids warm in Baffin boots

Bogs Neo-Classic

  • Rated to -58 degrees Fahrenheit

Back in 2019, Bogs made some big changes including lightening up their Neo-Classic style by 30%. And for kids who want as little weight as possible literally weighing them down, 30% is a LOT!

To be honest, in the past I have not recommended Bogs for kids (and adults) because I found that there were other neoprene options that in general kept our feet warmer. That said, now they are lighter, warmer AND have good grip. In fact, they are some of our very favorite waterproof boots for slushy, wet weather.

My kids (and I) also love how easy they are just to throw on and go….which seems to be the way we roll. They are also incredibly sturdy boots and an excellent choice for families hoping to pass them down from kid to kid.

Kamik SnoBusters

  • Rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

The Kamik SnowBusters are a team favorite because the outside is totally rubber and 100% waterproof. The tread is excellent too, handling both ice and snow well. They also happen to double well as rain boots and are an ideal boot for changing conditions.

They have a removable liner and rubber outsole, and the boots are rated to -25. Our testers haven’t complained once this winter about cold feet. They also go up high enough that snow doesn’t get in.

Our favorite feature is the adjustable draw off around the top of the boot. Tighten that sucker down and no snow is getting in which is sweet if they’re not wearing snow pants with gators.

These are also available at Zappos for a great price.

KEEN Kids Kootenay III Water Proof Boots

  • Rated to -4 degrees Fahrenheit

If you really don’t need high boots, these Kootenay are great for winter shoes…with just a little higher sides and better protection. We love how they don’t have laces to deal with (and have no trouble with the velcro strap), are stiff enough to keep their shape, and enough insulation to keep kids warm without overheating. They’re perfect for school in that respect.

We’ve also been impressed with their traction and this year they’ve added even better insulation.


Note: The Kootenay also comes in toddler sizes (as small as size 4) and weren’t AS impressed for new walkers since they are on the stiff side for the smallest of kiddos. That said, I don’t hesitate putting them on my 2 year old. 

KEEN Redwood Winter Waterproof Boot

  • Rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off all KEEN footwear.

This boot is my favorite for winter hiking or winter snowshoeing. The buckles allow not only for really easy on and off, but a good secure fit to keep feet where they should be and not slopping around. Of all the boots listed here, these have the best traction.

KEEN Winterport Neo Waterproof Boot

  • Rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off all KEEN footwear.

Keen has taken their popular shoe style and made it into a winter boot with incredible warmth AND shoe-like comfort. These are another great option for snowshoeing or being able to run comfortably in snow boots with great, rugged soles.

The bungee lacing system means easy on and off, and the ankle strap keeps feet where they should be.

Merrell Snow Quest Lite 3.0

  • Rated to -35 degrees Fahrenheit

The Merrell Snow Quest 3.0 have been great in the dry snow of Wyoming this year. They are incredibly light, cinch down to keep the snow out and the warmth in, are tall enough for going through heavy snowfall, and have good traction.

Merrell really nailed it with this one this year. They are rated to -35 degrees F and we have tested them to -5 and had no cold feet on kids that are moving.

The waterproof soles keep moisture out and does a good job. However, if have a kid that spends a lot of time laying in slush and puddles, the Bogs or Kamiks with a fully waterproof rubber shaft below may be a better option.

Merrell has been perfecting this boot for years, and we really think they have nailed it! I love that they come in a variety of different colors.

Muck Boots for Kids

Our kids have used and loved Mucks for years and years. They are warm, extremely durable and a great choice for all-season protection.

In Canada, we suggest the Rugged II boots (hopefully coming soon to the US too!) The Hale boots have slightly less traction and a narrower shaft, so better for 4 season than the Rugged II.

Stonz Trek

  • Rated to -58 degrees Fahrenheit

Use code “mtnmama” for 15% off all Stonz gear.

In my opinion, these are some of the best snow boots for cold days. They are warm, lightweight and hold up fairly well. In seven years of using them, I have NEVER had a kid with cold feet yet (and that’s saying a lot when it’s -25 degrees F). When the temperature really drops, these are the boots we trust.

We do notice that the tread seems to break down quicker than other boots we have used and they are not 100% waterproof (so better for dry, cold climates like Wyoming).

Best Toddler Snow Boots and Winter Boots for Young Kids

Baby Bogs for Early Walkers

  • Rated to 14 degrees Fahrenheit

We have used and loved Baby Bogs for years…they’re perfect for kids just learning to walk especially. Check out our full review of them here.

Kamik Stance Boots

  • Rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

These are warm boots that are easy for young kids to walk in. We recommend sizing up one size since they do run small. Available in sizes little kids 5T – 10T.

See Kai Run Baker Boots

  • Rated to -35 degrees Fahrenheit

Available starting in size Toddler 4, See Kai Run shoes are flexible and notoriously great for young kids with tiny toes. These boots are waterproof, easy to walk in and keep feet toasty warm.

They are not the best in deep snow since they are relatively short, but for day-to-day play they’re a perfect, cozy pair of boots.

Reima Qing “Shoe Boots”

  • Rating unknown

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off all Reima gear.

We really love the Reima Qing for winter boots that are comfortable enough to wear all day long. My kids call them their “shoe boots”, and the excel as warm boots that work for when the snow isn’t deep. These are the boots they wear on a regular basis to school and around town.

Best Winter Boots for Kids
Easy to walk in Baby Bogs!

Stonz Scout Boots

  • Rated to -22 degrees Fahrenheit

Use code “mtnmama” for 15% off all Stonz gear.

The Stonz Scout boots are very warm and lightweight, which makes them perfect for early walkers. They are also easy on and off, which means toddlers can put on their own snow boots.

However, they aren’t super tall and tend to allow more snow in and we can’t recommend them with as much enthusiasm as the Trek boots. They are great for cold, low-snow areas….but not the best for trudging through piles.

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