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Stroller Reviews

While we love to babywear (because it is usually easier), we also have our kids in some sort of stroller on wheels (or skis…) almost every day. We’ve contacted some of the best companies in the business and have worked hard to test out and dig deep into the nitty gritty of the best on wheels.

As always, you can be sure that the reviews are comprehensive, honest, and exactly what we tell our family and friends. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments of this or individual review posts.

These posts will be continually updated and added onto as we review different strollers and our kids grow.

Burley D'Lite Review

Burley D’Lite Review

Burley D’Lite Review We reviewed the Burley D’Lite back in 2015, but some major updates have meant that a new review is due! I was thrilled …
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Burley Encore X

Burley Encore X Review

When I first took the Burley Encore X out for a spin around the block, I was immediately kicking myself for not having bought one …
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Hamax Outback Review

Hamax Outback Review Over the past 6 months we have been putting the Hamax Outback (also available on Amazon) to the test with our kids (and …
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Thule Chariot Cross Review

In January of 2017, Thule did an overhaul of their line of Chariot Child Transportation systems. The Cross joins the Lite and the Cheetah XT …
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Single Joggers:

Multifunctional Strollers (Jog, bike, ski, stroll, etc.):

This post about choosing a bike trailer may be helpful too when chatting about multifunctional strollers.

Double Joggers:


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