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Outdoor Women

Here at TMM, we obviously love to be outside. Through all our outside hours, we have put a lot of miles on a lot of gear and learned a lot along the way. Check out some of our posts on our best gear, tips for dealing some of your most blessed and cursed moments, and how to survive mother/womanhood on the trail.

Mental Health for Moms

Mental health for moms: How the outdoors can support your mental health If there is one silver lining to come out of this difficult time to …
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Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms

Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms Show Mom some love this Mother’s Day with this curated gift guide for the outdoorsy woman in your life. As moms, we …
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Best Base Layers for Women

Best Base Layers for Women Base layer (n.): a necessary layer for outdoor adventuring that wicks away sweat to stay dry and can be worn in …
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Winter Ski Skirts

Ski Skirts for Winter Adventures Winter ski skirts (not JUST for skiing) are extremely functional and are one of my favorite pieces of winter gear. They …
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Self Care Ideas for Moms

Self Care Ideas for Moms Who Appreciate the Outdoors We talk a lot about kids and families around here, but self care for outdoor moms is …
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Best Adventure Dress

Best Adventure Dress for All Seasons As an active mom with active kids, there’s one quality I value immensely in my clothing: versatility. A lot …
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Lululemon for outdoorsy women

Get Outside with lululemon

lululemon for Outdoorsy Women “lululemon, isn’t that a fruit?” are the first words I remember my husband uttering after hearing of lululemon for the first time. …
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Pregnant and Postpartum Adventure

Outdoor Women Tips and Tricks

Pregnant and Postpartum Adventure

Favorite Gear for Women

Mama-to-Mama Chat

Pregnant and Post-Partum Adventure

A Day in the (Outdoor) Life