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The Best Snow Pants for Curvy Women

The Best Snow Pants for Curvy Women

At Tales of a Mountain Mama, we believe that the outdoors are for everyone. And we recognize, and celebrate, that outdoor mamas come in all shapes and sizes. But finding quality snow pants for curvy body types is really hard! If you’re a curvy woman looking for snow pants, this post is for you.

While this post is just for the moms (or women in general), be sure to check out our Best Winter Gear for Kids 2022.

snow pants for curvy women
Burton AK bibs are my go-to snow pant. They’re warm, waterproof and fit my curves just right!

For more women’s winter gear tips, check out TMM’s Outdoor Women Winter Style Guide.

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Woman on skis wearing the Burton Reserve Bibs.
Team member Anna really putting the Burton Reserve bibs to the test in her backyard.

Bib Snow Pants For Curvy Women

Attention curvy mamas: If you haven’t tried on a pair of bib snowpants, you really, really need to! And bibs in general tend to fit curvy women really well. We have tested lots of pairs and wrote an entire post about our favorites! Click here to read Adventure Overalls for Women.

Are you a pregnant snowboarding or skiing mama? Bibs with the front zipper unzipped also make great maternity snowpants.

Arctix Insulated Bib Overalls – Best Budget Pick!

snow pants for curvy women
Bibs that come in a range of sizes and lengths AND fun colors – that’s Arctix!

The Arctix Insulated Bibs come in several fun colors like purple and turquoise (which I was so happy to see – bye bye black!).

Full disclosure, we have not personally tried these pants. But several of our readers have, and they seem like a great affordable option. They also have 8,700 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, so I thought they should be included.

The Arctix bibs are available on Amazon in short, regular, and tall lengths, sizes XS – 4X.

Burton AK 2L Gore-Tex Kimmy Bib

snow pants for curvy women
I give two thumbs up to these Burton AK bib snowpants.

You could say that the Burton AK Kimmy bibs are the official bibs of the TMM Team because three of us are wearing them this year. Three women who all have unique, curvy shapes.

My whole adult life i’ve struggled to find great snow pants. Too tight. Too long. Dreaded gap above the butt. Not stretchy enough. Last year I splurged on these bibs and now I can never go back!

Woman wearing Burton AK Kimmy bibs in the snow.
Team Member Mary rockin’ her Burton AK Kimmy bibs.

My personal favorite bibs are the Burton AK 2L Gore-Tex Kimmy Bib, in short length (I am 5’3″ tall).

The stretchy, adjustable suspenders, side zips and drop seat are sweet, too – you don’t have to take your jacket off to go to the bathroom.

I am not even joking when I say that I tried them on in my living room and immediately called three girlfriends to tell them how amazing they fit! I love these bibs because they fit my booty, they are stretchy, and the short length is perfect for my 5’3″ inseam.

TMM Team Member Sarah
Woman wearing Burton bib snowpants riding magic carpet with toddler.
With bib snowpants you never have to worry about that dreadful gap.

The Burton AK 2L Kimmy Bibs are available in short, regular and tall lengths, in sizes XXS-XXL.

Burton Avalon 2L Bibs

Burton Avalon Bibs.
Burton Avalon Bibs

I like these bibs so much I have them in two different colors! I snowboard in some very cold and snowy conditions (in Jackson, Wyoming) and these bibs have always kept me warm and dry. I think these are the best bibs in this price range.

I am 5’3 and the short length (with a 30.5″ inseam) fits me perfectly. These bibs are stretchy enough and hug my curves – but they aren’t too snug. I don’t like to feel too bulky so I opt for thin wool layers and I stay nice and warm in these bibs.

These bibs are way more comfortable than regular snowboarding pants and I never worry about getting snow down my backside. With the zipper dropseat, bathroom breaks are just as easy too!

TMM Member Sarah
A woman wearing Burton Avalon bibs with a child on a frozen mountain lake.
The Burton Avalon bibs are nice and stretchy and fit my curves really well.

The Burton Avalon Bibs come in short, regular and tall lengths, in sizes XXS-XXL.

Burton Reserve Stretch 2L Bibs

Burton Reserve Bibs
Burton Reserve Bibs

Our favorite features of the Burton Reserve bibs are how incredibly waterproof they are, all the pockets, and the front zipper. The team member who tested these bibs is breastfeeding and the front zipper made feedings super easy!

The material is pretty thin and these run a little small, so if you live in a very cold climate where you will be layering up, you may want to order a size up.

These bibs were great for skiing in my back yard and they held up to multiple falls. They are also SO waterproof. The only downfall is they fit a little snug. When wearing multiple layers, it’s tricky to zipper up the mid-because of how tight it fits.

TMM Member Anna
A woman walking in the woods wearing the Burton Reserve bibs.
The Burton Reserve bibs are waterproof and have tons of pockets for storing all the things!

The Burton Reserve 2L Bibs are available in sizes XXS-XXL.

Obermeyer Felicity Bib Pant

snow pants for curvy women
Amelia just ordered these Obermeyer Felicity bibs – stay tuned for her review!

The Obermeyer Felicity Bib offers that awesome 4-way stretch – our favorite feature.

These bibs are waterproof, made pf stretchy fabric and insulated. Many of the pants we recommend in this post are shells, so if you are looking for a little more warmth this could be a great option for you.

These bibs come in short, regular, and tall lengths, in sizes 2-14. Most reviewers say these run small so best to size up.

Outdoor Research Women’s Carbide Bibs – Plus

Stock photo of the Outdoor Research womens carbide bibs in plus size.
Outdoor Research Women’s Carbide Bib

The OR Women’s Carbide bibs just won Ski Magazine’s Gear of the Year award, but if that’s not enough to convince you of how awesome these are, take our friend’s word for it!

I literally cried happy tears when I got these bibs! I’ve never had ski bibs with all of the features plus a great fit. The options are just so limited for big and tall women. I bought their bibs, coat and thermals and I love them all. They are stretchy, roomy, have great pockets and fit great!

TMM Community Member and Friend
Woman wearing the Outdoor Research Carbide bibs standing in the snow holding a toddler.
All smiles to finally have a great pair of snowpants that have all the functions!

The OR Women’s Carbide Bibs are available in size XS-4X.

Stio Women’s Environ Bib

Stock image of the Stio Women's Environ's bib pants.
Stio Women’s Environ Bibs

These bibs are so comfortable. The front of the bib is a stretchy panel that sits just below the breastline. The back panel is that same stretchy panel for full range of motion. The pants have side zips for ventilation.

These bibs come in lengths. at 5’3 I always order snow pants in short, but the regular length in the Environ Bibs has a 31.5″ inseam so this length actually works for me; the short would be too short.

These bibs are really comfortable and have a more regular fit. Not slim, but not too baggy either. Perfect for layering underneath without feeling bulky. I can tell these are going to be fantastic on super cold, snowy days on the hill this winter.

TMM Team Member Sarah

The Stio Women’s Environ Bib is available in regular and short lengths in sizes XS-XL. Runs true to size.

Snow Pants for Curvy Women

Helly Hansen Switch Pants

Stock image of the Helly Hansen Switch pants.
The Helly Hansen Switch are a great loose fitting, cargo-style option.

The Helly Hansen Switch pants are an insulated and waterproof cargo pant. These are flattering on many different body types. They are loose fitting without being baggy and have great side pockets.

These do have a low rise waist, which is not my favorite waist style.

These pants are available in sizes XS-XL.

Obermeyer Malta Pant

snow pants for curvy women
The Obermeyer Malta Pant is highly recommended by our TMM community of mamas.

The Obermeyer Malta Pant is another favorite among our team, and our readers. It’s like the younger sibling of the Straight Line Pant, and it’s priced slightly lower. The 4-way stretch will hug your curves and the high-back waistband means no gap! I hate that gap…

These pants are available in short, regular, and long lengths, in sizes 0 – 22.

Obermeyer Straight Line Pant

snow pants for curvy women
TMM Team Members Ginny & Amelia highly recommend the Obermeyer Straight Line pant!

Obermeyer offers several different snowpant options in short lengths and a wide range of sizes. The Obermeyer Straight Line Pant is a TMM favorite! Both Ginny an Amelia will tell you that these truly are the best snow pants for curvy women.

The pants feature a 4-way stretch that perfectly fits the hips and booty. This pant is lightly insulated.

Obermeyer offers lengths in their snow pants, which is AMAZING for me. Pants and I rarely get along. I call my thick thighs my “german curse” and struggle to find ones I love wearing. Snow pants are a whole new level. These fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Plus they have 4-way stretch which, again, means you can move and groove (and keep up with your kids) on the mountain. I also love the waist adjustment which means a perfect fit and no slipping or gap.

TMM Team Member Amelia

These pants are available in regular and short lengths, in sizes from 2-16.

NILS Melissa 2.0 Pant

snow pants for curvy women
The NILS Melissa 2.0 pant is super stretchy with an adjustable waistband, making it a great choice for curvy mamas.

One of the reasons we love NILS is because they’re working hard to make outdoor styles that fit all body types. These pants feature an adjustable waist band and 4-way stretch that is so key for curvy figures

The NILS Melissa 2.0 Pant comes in short, regular, and long lengths, sizes 2-16.

Stio Women’s Environ Pant

Stio Women's Environ Pants
Stio Women’s Environ Pants

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Stio Women’s Environ pant fit me – and it even comes in short lengths. The waistband is not too loose – so I don’t have the dreaded gap – but it does come with a cute belt to cinch things down if needed.

The pants are incredible waterproof and breathable (not insulated). These are a technical 3L fully taped shell. They have a very durable, rugged feel but a generous fit. The thighs are roomy without being too baggy.

As a snowboarder, the only thing I don’t love is that the leg vents are on the outside – which means you can’t unzip them or you will get blasted with snow. Usually pants designed for snowboarders have inner-thigh vents. But this is a minor thing – I still highly recommend these pants!

These pants come in regular and short lengths, in sizes XS-XL.

The Bottom Line

Woman standing in the snow wearing OR Carbide bibs.

Finding great snowpants that fit a curvy body shape is a challenge (take it from someone who has been wearing ill-fitting pants for way too long). But I’m confident that one of these options could be your new, favorite pants.

Still not convinced?

Think about all those hours spent hauling kids up the sledding hill, or bent over while teaching your toddler to ski, and then treat yourself to a properly fitting pair of pants (or add them to your Christmas list!).

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The Best Snow Pants for Curvy Women

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