Gifts for Outdoor Moms 2024

We moms are often the connoisseurs of gift-giving, except when it comes to trying to come up with ideas for others to give us! Inevitably, without actual ideas written down, it’s easy to just end up asking for a restaurant gift card–which, don’t get me wrong, can be a great gift! But gifts for outdoor … Read more

Women’s Mustang Survival Drysuit Review

Woman standing bank of river wearing the Mustang Survival Women's Drysuit.

As a mama who loves to whitewater raft the snowmelt-fed rivers in my home state of Wyoming and around the the Northwest, a drysuit is by far the best gear investment I’ve made. This Mustang Survival Drysuit: Women’s Helix Latex Gasket Drysuit keeps me warm and dry, and allows for an extended boating season during … Read more

Wildelore Fleece Review

A family (mom, dad, and toddler) in front of an old red tractor. The mom is wearing the Wildelore All Phases Fleece.

When I was pregnant with my first child, my third trimester was during the summer. This time around, a due date in late November and a two-year old who loves to be outside means that I need something warmer to wear. This was when I found the Wildelore Fleece, designed to fit women through pregnancy, … Read more

Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Woman wearing hiking shoes on a mountain trail.

Having good hiking shoes is key to having a great hiking trip! And just like every body is different, we all have different FEET too. I enlisted the help of the Tales of a Mountain Mama team to round up the Best Hiking Shoes for Women. These are shoes that are sturdy, comfortable, have great traction … Read more

Leggings for Hiking in Cold Weather

Title 9 Cold Killer Pants

The beauty of winter hiking is that it doesn’t require much gear to get out the door, unlike most other winter activities. But when you’re venturing out in the cold, it’s important to wear clothing that will keep you warm and dry. This post outlines our favorite leggings for hiking in cold weather. Layering up … Read more

Best Daypacks for Women

Best Daypacks for Women 2023 Getting our families out into nature is the goal.  Ensuring our kids are comfortable, nourished, and safe requires us to carry a variety of gear through all kinds of weather and terrain. A well designed, thoughtfully packed daypack sets you up for a successful adventure, no matter your destination. Whether … Read more