10 DIY Backyard Nature Play Ideas

Children smile on the back porch.

As the weather warms up and we start to think about all the epic adventures we plan to take our kids on, let’s give them tons of opportunities for nature exploration right in our own backyards too! Oftentimes, playing outside at home tends toward toys and movement games, while nature play is saved for hikes, … Read more

13 Ways to Help Kids Sleep While Camping

The number one question we get about camping as a family is how to get babies and kids to sleep. Parents of young children are usually sleep deprived to some degree even at home, so thinking about adding extra challenges to getting sleep can be a huge barrier to overcome to get out and camp … Read more

How to Adventure Without the Kids

A couple standing together on a mountaintop adventuring without kids

At Tales of a Mountain Mama we are all about helping more families get outside together. We love providing you with information and inspiration for family adventuring, and we want to make sure the adults are covered too. When adults get outside for some kid-free adventuring on any level, we are taking a break from … Read more

Mexico City with Kids

My family at a fountain in the historic center of Mexico City.

If you are thinking about a visit to Mexico with your outdoorsy family, Mexico City with kids may not come to mind right away. How could one of the biggest cities in the world have anything to offer for adventurous, outdoor-loving families? While an outdoorsy family may shoot for discovering the natural beauty and adventure … Read more

Playing in the Snow

Children bundled up for sledding on a snowy day.

With shorter days and colder temperatures, outdoor play and adventure options look a bit different. As winter sets in in the northern hemisphere, we want to make sure that you and your family have loads of fresh inspiration and information to enjoy this season fully. We’ve got you covered here with safety information for playing … Read more

Setting Up A Camping Pantry

Cooking at camp with camping pantry organized in 6 quart bins and a larger tub.

Meal planning and prep for camping trips can feel intimidating to even the most organized of people. Along with a pre-organized camp kitchen, setting up a camping pantry can reduce the time and effort you need to make to get food together for each trip, and let you rest assured that you’ll never forget your … Read more