How to Adventure While Pregnant and Postpartum

I might be stating the obvious, but I love getting outside! I also love being a mom. And…I’ve found that mixing the two together presents some unique challenges, particularly when trying figure out how to adventure while pregnant and postpartum. My husband and I have just welcomed our second child to our family, so I’m … Read more

Best Family Hikes in Jackson Hole

Group of children hiking on a trail near Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the gateway town to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, both which offer some of the best hiking in the country. But there is also some great family hiking right in the town of Jackson Hole. Several of us Mountain Mama Team Members live in the area and we have curated … Read more

How to Get Over Fear of Bugs

Two kids smile while holding butterflies on their fingers

You can picture it now, you’re quickly making breakfast on the campstove while your children are seemingly occupied with sticks and rocks nearby, but then you hear it “AGGGHHHHH, GROSS! GET IT OFF! SMASH IT!” Creepy crawlies – those tiny, multi-legged creatures that traverse our gardens, forests, and imaginations. As outdoor enthusiasts, we recognize their … Read more

Family Camping Meal Plan

Family camping meal plan featured freebie

Without a doubt, the most stressful part of camping for me is the meal planning and grocery shopping. This is especially true if we are camping for more than just the weekend. Whether you choose to follow our meal plans to a T, or pick and choose meals that work for you, we know that these plans will save you so much time and hassle.

Outdoor Gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Dad With Kids Looking at Water

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming soon. Both days can be a wonderful time to give someone important in your family a special gift. A gift to make their outdoor adventures more relaxing, taste better, or more comfortable. Or simply give a gift that makes that special parent feel special on everyday adventures. We … Read more

Gifts for Outdoor Moms 2024

We moms are often the connoisseurs of gift-giving, except when it comes to trying to come up with ideas for others to give us! Inevitably, without actual ideas written down, it’s easy to just end up asking for a restaurant gift card–which, don’t get me wrong, can be a great gift! But gifts for outdoor … Read more