Backcountry Skiing with Kids in the Northeast

Dad and child skiing across a snowy bridge.

Backcountry skiing is growing in popularity, but what do you do when you have kids? If you backcountry skied before kids, you might think it’s not possible now. If you never tried this aspect of the sport, can you start with your kids? And if you live in the northeast and are only finding advice … Read more

Family Ski Vacations on a Budget

Family of four on a ski slope with mountains and trees in the background.

If you skied or snowboarded before having kids, you might be chomping at the bit to get some big ski adventures into your lives. But man, it can be expensive! I grew up going on an annual ski trip to big resorts out west, and wondered how I could possibly afford on that now that … Read more

Winter Unit Study

Child measuring snow depth.

It’s fun to take a break from regular schooling every once in a while. If you are homeschooling, this can be the occasional period where you toss out the curriculum and do a unit study. If you always do unit studies, then here’s another one to throw in the mix. If you don’t homeschool but … Read more

Gifts for a Skiing Family 2023

Two girls wearing Pure Mountain Fun carriers on the ski hill

Since we can’t provide skiers with perfect snow or weather, the next best thing is some great ski accessories. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be wonderful. These gifts for a skiing family include everything from new clothing, both outerwear and base layers, to packs to skis to fun accessories. We’ve included tried and … Read more

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families

Backpacking Food Ideas for Families It can be daunting to transition from car camping to backpacking because you have to carry everything. All of a sudden you aren’t just thinking about food that can be cooked outside easily but food that is light and nutritious that your kids will eat. I once spent a 3-day … Read more

Best Hiking Shoes for Kids 2023

best hiking shoes for kids

Best Hiking Shoes for Kids Spending the money on pint-sized hiking shoes for kids can feel like a a waste, especially when your child is going to grow out of them so quickly. Can your child just get away with wearing their basic kids running shoes or sandals on a hike? Well, yes, but mostly … Read more