Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids

Outdoor Themed Easter Baskets

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate a changing of seasons and promote more outdoor play. We love making Easter baskets for outdoor kids to encourage us to get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather.

For us, the perfect Easter basket for outdoor kids are:

  1. Things are kids will use over and over again
  2. Don’t cost a lot of money
  3. Bring our family closer together somehow
  4. Encourage us to get outdoors.

Truthfully I don’t mind a little (OK, a lot!)of candy in our Easter baskets (check out these adorable pink pigs from Biddle and Bop!). But since many of us are looking for healthy and fun ideas, I listed a few of my favorite ideas below. Please comment with what you find, too! I am always all-ears for new ideas.

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Three kids sit on a moss covered stump looking at their Easter baskets.

Easter Basket for Outdoor Kids – Functional Baskets

If you’re in need of a basket, outdoor gear can be the perfect vessel for a fun and creative Easter basket. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Boots These boots from Lone Cone are a great deal. Our family prefers the Mud Boots over the Rain boots just because we can use them for a longer season. If you live somewhere with mild winters, the Mud boots can work far round!
  • Hats If you have little kids, check out Noggins hats from VeyoKids. They are affordable, provide great coverage, and stay on. If you have older kids or teenagers, we love these Sunday Afternoon trucker hats.
  • Buckets These collapsible buckets, are perfect for, mud, water, or outdoor treasures. And then when they aren’t in use, they collapse nice and small. They’re great to store in a camping tub too!
  • Backpack We love this backpack for kids. I love that it is cute and has a chest strap to keep shoulder straps in place. Plus they are super durable and will last for many years and many kids.
  • Watering can – this silicone Scrunch Watering Can from Biddle and Bop can also be squished and bent.
  • Inflatable pool – If you really want to go all out with a gigantic basket, this watermelon inflatable pool from Biddle and Bop is adorable.
  • Bike basket – A bike basket makes for a perfect Easter basket for outdoor kids, and will encourage your kids to get outside and ride. We also love this bike-focused basket package.
Easter basket for kids who bike

Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids – Toy Ideas

If you like to include a few toys alongside your jelly beans, here are some of our favorite durable toys for Easter baskets for outdoor kids will love.

  • Ninja climbing holds – This a set of climbing holds you can wrap around a tree to let kids climb to their hearts content. Perfect for older kids who maybe aren’t as interested in stuffed animals anymore!
  • Alphabet cards – These nature themed alphabet cards are adorable and perfect for kids who are interested in learning their letters.
  • Frisbee I love these huge and packable frisbees. We have one that stays in the car and one in the camping gear for ready-to-go play.
  • Gardening supplies Easter is all about new life. Seeds, small plants and planting/growing materials are perfect for this. This gardening tool kit is perfect for little ones who love to help.

Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids – Artistic Ideas

  • Embroidery kit – These nature inspired embroidery kits from Biddle and Bop are perfect for older kids and teens.
  • Rock painting kit – Painting Easter eggs is fun, but these painted rocks will last you all spring and summer long. They’re a fun way to decorate your front porch or garden!
  • Bird feeder painting kit – This suction cup birdhouse kit will bring nature right to your window.
  • Unworry Magic Painting Book – Painting is something I typically have my kids do outside for (more fresh air and less clean up!) but these painting books are no-mess. Still fun to do outside though!

Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids – Affordable Ideas

Affordable and simple is the name of the game for this section. Spring brings so much joy on its own, we don’t need much more to make it appealing. Here are a few of our favorite, easy ways to encourage outdoor play in the spring.

  • Chalk – It’s not an Easter Basket if it doesn’t have chalk, in my opinion. This 120 piece set will last you the summer. This Easter egg themed chalk will fit in a basket, and comes in an adorable egg carton. We also loved this ice cream themed chalk set from Melissa and Doug.
  • Bubbles – You need bubbles in a basket, too. If you’re looking to avoid plastic waste, check out this eco-friendly bubble set that makes gigantic bubbles!
  • Seeds – If you’re planting a garden this spring, seeds are a perfect Easter addition. Here is a garden salad set (radishes might not be kids’ favorite vegetable, but they grow quickly!) If you aren’t into vegetables, check out this pollinator collection.
  • Popsicle molds – One of our family rules is you have to go outside to eat popsicles. Homemade ones are cheaper and less wasteful. This is our trusty rocket pop set, but I love this space saving design. This tube style comes in fun rainbow colors.
  • Water beads – A small pack of these water beads will last for summer. Throw a teaspoon or two in a bowl and watch them grow. They’re best for kids who don’t put things in their mouth anymore.
  • Band aids – We love gifts that are practical and fun. It helps make the every day more exciting. Band aids are great gift when they’re a little more colorful. These band aid kits aren’t the cheapest-per-bandaid, but our kids love having their own cool set in their hiking backpack.
  • Fun toiletries – Now is the perfect time to stock up on sunscreenSPF lip balm and fun bubble bath too (to get off all that grime from playing!)
  • Cookie cutters – If your kids love to bake, they’ll like these animal cookie cutters from Biddle and Bop.

Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids – Book Ideas

While the list of great books for kids is seemingly endless, you can find some of our favorite suggestions here. They are perfect for inspiring kids to explore and adventure.

We’ve got several books to encourage your family to get outside!

A few more books we love:

  • Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise by Tomie de Paola – We love this one from Tomie dePaola celebrating all the earth.
  • The Wild Robot by Peter Brown – For older kids, The Wild Robot is one of our absolute favorites. It’s a perfect spring story about welcoming an unexpected new life.
  • Going Outside by Amy Huntington – These Look and Listen books from Biddle and Bop are adorable and great for practicing mindfulness outside.
  • Also check out our book lists here.

Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids – Gear Ideas

  • Hammock – If you’re looking for an Easter gift idea for teens, a hammock is perfect. We used ours all summer long. This double hammock was perfect for an adult and kid to share.
  • Sun shirts – If you get one thing off this Easter basket list, make sure it’s this sun shirt from Primary. We wear them all summer long. They’re super thin, meaning not only will they fit nicely in an Easter basket, they aren’t too hot to wear. (More sun shirt ideas here!)
  • Sunglasses I love these ones because if you lose them, they will actually send you a replacement (you pay shipping of less than $8.) They fit on faces well without falling down and are polarized. We have used them consistently for the past 2 years and they have held up well. And yes, we have “cashed in” on our replacement pairs too! (More sunglasses ideas here!)
  • Binoculars – For the littlest explorers, these binoculars are our favorite. They have no zoom to fiddle with, meaning kids can actually see when they try to use them.
  • Rain mittens – Rain mittens might seem unnecessary, but if you’re stuck dealing with soggy wet gloves and cold fingers in the spring, these are a lifesaver. We love this pair from Reima (use code MTNMAMA for 20% off).
  • Camping lamps – This tent lamp looks just like an Easter egg, but will be practical year round! This inflatable solar charged lamp is another favorite of ours.
  • Exploration tools – All kids love whistles, binoculars and compasses as the explore the world around them. You can buy them separately or get a kit like this and split it to go around.

Use code MTNMAMA for 10% off all Biddle and Bop products through 4/20/2022!

More Gift Ideas!

Gift giving of outdoor gear is a great idea year round. Find all our best recommendations for gifts for outdoor kids here.

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Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids

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Easter Baskets for Outdoor Kids

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