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Outdoor Education and Exploration

Educating our children outside (homeschooling or not!) is a great way to bring the natural world to the forefront of their minds and make it fun. Weather it is practical information (like First Aid), homeschool curriculums or just fun things to learn about the natural world, this page has got you covered. Head to the bottom for a breakdown by category.

Don’t Let Ticks Scare You

What to do about ticks and your outdoor life Last year, five-year-old Max woke up with a low-grade fever. Assuming it was a viral infection, his …
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Family Camping FREE Online Course

Family Camping Online Course

Help your family get started camping Camping can be incredibly daunting, especially when you’re first starting out. In an effort to help, we have gathered all …
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Wild Math Fourth Grade Review

Last summer I started using the Wild Math Curriculum First Grade edition. My kids spent the summer working on addition and subtraction facts and having …
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School's Out(side)

School Outside

Keeping your sanity, getting outside, and balancing academics during school closures is crucial for mental health. The best way to do it? Take school outside! If …
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Learning Outside and About the Outdoors

Our Favorite Outdoor Books, Podcasts & Music


Wildhood Series: Preserve their Wildhood

The Study of Nature Series

Urban Outdoors