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18 Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids

If you’re looking for some screen-free fun, or ways to keep kids busy in the back of bike trailers or on drives to your hike – then we’ve got a great list of podcasts for nature loving kids. Try a few to find out what you like, and enjoy!

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Also definitely don’t miss our list of MUSIC for outdoor kids!

Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids: Getting Excited about Adventure

Finn Caspian

If your kids love adventure, they will love Finn Caspian. This podcast tales the story of a young boy traveling through space. The episodes go in order, so make sure you start listening back at Season 1 to understand the entire story.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is an improv and performance group that takes stories that children write and send in, and performs them for their radio audiences. This is high-energy podcast to listen to on the way to a hike, but it is definitely not one to listen to when you are trying to get them to wind down.

Mick Munter Monster Hunter

Outdoor adventures will love following the tales of Mick Munter as he tracks down mythical creatures in the untamed wilderness. Unfortunately, there are only a few episodes. But Mick Munter will definitely put your kid in an adventurous mood.

The World of Buddy Pegs

If your kid loves to bike, they will love the World of Buddy Pegs. Buddy Pegs Media runs two different podcasts. The podcast Taking the Lead Together is a series of interview with bicycle industry executives, non-profit leaders, professional cyclists and families. The other podcast, The World of Buddy Pegs, is a series of original stories about an animal-run bike shop.

Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids: Learning About Nature (and a few other things)

Brains On

Lots of our nature-loving kids are naturally science lovers. Brains On delves into topics ranging from underground caves and where poop goes to black holes and Bigfoot (Sorry, Mick Munter).

Wow in the World

Another favorite podcast of ours. This goofy, high-energy podcast goes into the science of lots of interesting kid-friendly topics like why we have recess and what is happening with climate change. Not only is it funny, it makes sure to tell the story of how scientific discoveries came about.

But Why

Another podcast for science lovers. The hosts of But Why answer kids questions about nature and other topics kids are interested in.

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is a kids’ conservation organization that encourages kids to take action to protect biodiversity. The podcast highlights different animals and teaches kids what they can do to help. Their Earth Ranger Club also has fun missions kids can do to get involved.

Highlights Hangout

If your kids love the Highlights magazine, they will also love Highlights Hangout. This podcast includes all the classics – Goofus and Gallant, stories, and even includes “hidden sounds” to replace the hidden pictures.

Forever Ago

From the producer of Brains On, Forever Ago is a podcast exploring the history of every day objects. If you’ve ever wondered where skateboards came from (or if you never gave it a second thought) you and your kids will enjoy listening to Forever Ago.


Pickle is a philosophy podcast for kids. I’m always surprised how much my kids like it (there is a limited number of episodes, and they’ve listened to them over and over). But kids are exposed to lots of different sticky situations they don’t always know how to handle. I think this podcast helps them feel better about not always knowing the answer.

Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids: Story Time

Circle Round                                

We LOVE listening to Circle Round (I might even enjoy it more than the kids). Famous actors help bring to life folk stories from all around the world. You can download coloring sheets to go along with the stories as well. I always recommend having something for your kids to do with their hands while they listen – it helps keep them engaged longer.

What if World

Each week on this podcast, the narrator takes a kids question and asks “what if?” to spin fantastical stories. They are silly and entertaining, and perfect for kids with big imaginations.

Story Time

While I wouldn’t quite say these stories are slow and quiet enough to lull your little ones to sleep, my kids enjoy listening to them before bed. Their favorite episode is Forest School, which anyone who has ever dreamed of running away to the forest will enjoy.

Little Stories for Tiny People

This is another collection of fiction stories that my children are fond of. These stories are both whimsical and entertaining.

Stories Podcast

The Stories Podcast is one of our favorite podcasts of short stories. There is a huge variety of stories and story lengths, so you are bound to find something that interests your kids. I would be careful listening to the “Dog King” episodes, though – the intro song will be stuck in your head for weeks.

Best podcasts Nature Loving Kids: Calming Down

Sparkle Stories

There are hundreds of sparkle stories that will help encourage kindness, outdoor play, and emotional intelligence. The narration is nice and slow, helping children to actually follow along (we’ve found this to be a problem with some more energetic podcasts). While all the series in this collection are great, nature kids will love especially love Martin and Sylvia. You can get one free episode a week on podcast apps, or pay for a subscription.

Peace Out

Peace out is a series of relaxation stories and guided meditations for kids. My kids like to listen them to help them fall asleep occasionally (there are some episodes just that). A great choice if you’re having trouble winding down in the tent while camping.

What other podcasts did we miss that your family loves? Leave us a comment and we will add them to the list!

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Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids

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