How to Make Your Own Field Guide with Kids!

A homemade paper book with forget-me-nots on the cover sits in some leaves.

How to Make Your Own Field Guide with Kids! Spring in Montana is an event. Our winters are unpredictable as they are long, and there is never any telling if a late snowstorm will come and dump on early spring blooms. So when the wildflowers do come out in full force, we want to make … Read more

Things to Do on a Long Car Ride

There are plenty of fine things to do on a long car ride with kids. A toy, a snack, a screen (hey, I’m not going to judge!) But vacations are all about connection, and the drive isn’t just a way to get to the fun. A long car ride with kids can be fun too. … Read more

Pocket Knives for Kids

Pocket Knives for Kids and Multi Tools “Best pocket knives for kids” might be the scariest title I’ve ever written. Who would give a knife to a kid?  But from an early age, my kids were begging for tools like their dad had. They wanted to dig, saw, cut, and I didn’t want them playing … Read more

22 Fun Stops Between Glacier and Yellowstone

22 Fun Stops Between Glacier and Yellowstone If you’re family is one of the thousands who plan on road-tripping between two of our nation’s favorite national parks – Yellowstone and Glacier – you might be wondering how to get a break from the crowds. Because the parks are nothing short of spectacular, most tourist book … Read more

Mental Health for Moms

Mental health for moms: How the outdoors can support your mental health If there is one silver lining to come out of this difficult time to be a parent, it’s that we have learned the importance of talking about our mental health. Personally, I deal with anxiety, and during the past two years of pandemic … Read more

Road Trip Hacks for Kids

Road Trip Hacks for Traveling with Kids Road tripping with kids is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re driving an hour to check out a new hike, or twelve hours to go visit Grandma, planning ahead will save you hours of stress and struggle on the road.   Every year, we take a 12+ … Read more